Kumkum Bhagya 18 November 2020 Full Episode:

The episode begins with Sanju and Ranveer beating her up but Sallu runs away on his bike with his friend Bittu. Next you will see Prachi calling Ranveer and asking him where he went. Ranbir tells him that he has gone out with Prachi. He says that she is going home. Ranbir asks her to wait so that he can leave her. Prachi says ok I will wait. Ranveer when 2 days once done, he tells everything to Prachi.

By the time she remembers her past moments with Pragya she weeps. Pragya comes to Riya and asks her to silence Riya tells her not to show me her fake love and leave the place. .

Ranveer had Prachi and his family sit in the car and take them home, Sarita and her family got in the car and take them home, Sarita and Sahana take them inside. Prachi asks her why she is looking tired, Veer feels that I can tell you that Sanju came here to kill you because he can tease you. Prachi says that this well if you did not tell me then I did not force you and she goes out when Ranbir is watching her call. Harveer feels that she has gone inside without inviting him. Sir Tau wishes that Pragya has not reached home and asks Prachi that she says where Ranbir is where Prachi says that Samana has left.

Next you will see that Riya will say when she does not like to throw. Pragya says that I did my wish before the provincial and I saved every birth gift for you and I cannot forget you even for a second. Asks Hariyana why she did not come to meet him. Tells the process that I thought you hated me so I did not try to meet you. Hariya cries and tells him that her hatred has started with her love because I missed you. Pragya and Riya happily embrace each other. Pragya apologizes with folded hands to Riya, Riya says I forgive you but promise me that you will never leave me. Pragya promises Riya I promise that I will never leave you. Dadi gets happy seeing both of them and Alia gets angry.