Mitali Bhabhi bringing the food shouts she feels there is something and is significant, Tanu inquires as to for what reason did she make the vegetables, Mitali Bhabhi answers it is on the grounds that they can just cook what is modest, Aliya makes reference to she is correct however the thing was she saying going to something occurring, Tanu quits eating, Mitali Bhabhi answers it is on the grounds that she has quit eating establishing her questions, Mitali is certain something occurred as the police discovered the destruction of the vehicle, yet Pragya was not in it and they even shut the case, Tanu asks what will she do as though she feels there is a prize then, at that point ought to proceed to tell the police that she killed Pragya.

Mitali Bhabhi can’t swallow the food, she races to bring the water, Aliya shouts if Tanu doesnot realize that she watches a ton of wrongdoing shows and can treat it appropriately, Tanu quiets herself, shouting she even has a dark pimple so whatever she says works out as expected, Mitali Bhabhi requests that she appeal to God for her that she gets a major house wherein they would all be able to live with her, Tanu asks assuming she needs to supplicate, for what good reason can she not petition God for herself, Mitali infers that she is lying about everything and might have really attempted to kill Pragya.

Tanu cautions Aliya she can’t bear it any longer, they should act against Pragya regardless of whether she controls every one of the cards, still they need to attempt to play one final card that will turn everything in support of themselves.

Pragya stops Abhi alluding to him as Mr Mehra, he turning shouts he realized she would not have the option to live without liking him and saying ‘sorry’ for what she is tyring to do, Pragya answers she is glad for what she has done, Abhi questions what has occurred and for what reason is she so disappointed with them, he needs to know the explanation she is furious before when she used to blow up he used to like her as she was not generally baffled which is the reason he named her as Paughi, Pragya answers she is not, at this point his Paughi. Read More……..