In the last episode, you were shown how Anjali takes grandmother Prachi to her room and goes out after seeing Abhi there. Pal also talks to her mother-in-law and asks about the ring. Firangi tells about Riya. SB Charan calls Veria and she arrives. Anjali then hugs Abhi and Pragya, her grandmother. But Riya and all ignore them and leave from there Pragya goes after Riya to talk something. Seeing Sarita Aunty Prachi and Ranveer together, scolded Ranbir. Pragya catches Riya taking money from Sanju. Prachi and Ranveer collide with each other.

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Kumkum Bhagya 18 November 2020 Full Episode:

In the next episode, you will be shown to whom Sahana Pran says that your emotion is real but your father is not real. And there is a lot of difference between saying a father and being a father. Hearing all these things, Prachi starts to convince Sahana that if she does not show me the difference, then some relationships are special than blood relations. Such relationships happen on our own as soon as we are born. Alia hears all these things of Prachi and Suhana, similar relationship is with me and Meher sir.