The episode begins with Pragya Abhi with Daadi without seeing Aria. Grandmother says that Dallu will be with Prem Pragya when she will have that ring. Pragya and Abhi Dallu remember their past moments with Dadi and he wears Pragya as she wakes up. Abhi wipes Pragya’s tears and he says that Dadi used to say that she loves Pragya more than him. Similarly I thought she must be joking but she gave up her life for Pragya. Dadi also used to say that because she knows that Pragya is the one who loves you and takes full care of you and our house, therefore it is our duty to loot some love. Abhi agrees with Pragya, embraces Pragya, sees the passengers and goes down to talk with her.

Prachi starts asking Ranbir why I love him, so he says that this is not the right time to say about it. Prachi gets angry with him Ranbir asks him if he does not believe Prachi says on me that it is good to know how much you love me and it will make me happy. Then I tell him that he will marry you Will tell after Prachi says that I will wait for it. Prachi is about to leave from there that Ranveer grabs her hand and Sarita sees them.

Pragya then starts searching for Riya and starts thinking to find out if Bittu was lying about Aria to avoid her and she thinks to call him but sees Mehriya and goes after her. . Sarita has dated Ranbir to hold Prachi’s hand, Sahana stops her but Sarita tells Ranveer why did you hold Prachi’s hand. Ranveer asks what is happening

Sarita smiles for that and says that you can tell me that you want Prachi, but why are you still silent, that’s why I am scolding you for Sanjay and you could have even hugged Ranchi because her Mother accepted your relationship. Ranveer hugs Sarita. Sarita says that she is just joking, Ranveer goes to attend Kaal.

Next you will see that Sarita says that Pragya seemed worried and she calls the speaker and asks why I am worried. Pragya asks Riya about Ranbir and gets opinion about him and she says It is said that some accident happened and saw Bittu and asked why he wants to kill Prachi. But she says that Aria has hired her for the gift and murder of Ranchi, Ranchi says that Sanju is lying because Riya did not do so. Satta Matka says that this time Prachi may be right Prachi says that Riya wants to be aware of her mistake after the last accident and Pragya wants to be Pragya and this time she did not repeat it. Pragya tells him that she hopes she can’t do it. Sarita asks her where are you, Pragya says that she is at Abhi’s place and cuts off the call.

Next you will see that Pragya will say that this is the first Diwali with my second daughter Riza gives money to Sanju and asks him to get away from the city and Prachi’s life asks Sanju why your behavior has changed so far That you scolded me even on the day when I tried to kill Prachi and told me to stay away from her and behaved as if she was your sister. And she says why are you taking care of her? Riya says that to stop all these and leave here tell me that I am behind the incident of that day. Pragya is listening to his words and she goes to the square. And from there a bouquet falls and both of them wake up to see him. Pragya says that Bittu was telling the truth.

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Abhi remembers Prachi’s past moments, seeing Prachi, he turns to her and calls her Happy Diwali. Pragya tears up her eyes when she sees him and wishes her happiness. Abhi says that you are also like my daughter, Prachi says that she is the one in whom her defeat needs to be protected. He tells her that he is proud of his mother’s upbringing and assures many that Sanju will do nothing for her and I promise you nothing will happen, that’s why you enjoy the party.

Next you will see that Dharamvir will tell Ayan that he is busy with Prachi and asks her to love him so that he can leave her as well. Ayaan says that they have not found a good girl, Ranveer asks Sahana to suggest her, Ayan says that you want to ruin my life and he goes from there. Next you will see that Ranbir grows up with Prachi and takes care of him. Prachi smiles upon seeing them and says that I do not know how you took care of her after marriage. Harveer closes his eyes, for the second time, the elder felt that only his son, Mere, thought of anything. is a fool. Alia is called angry after seeing their closeness.