Kum kum Bhagya 17 April 2021 Written Updates


In the past scene of Kundali Bhagya, in a room with Prithvi, Sherlyn blames him for Akshay’s homicide. He gets irritated with her assumptions and it prompts a contention. Kritika visits an imprisoned Preeta, who asks her is Karan is as yet annoyed with her. She reveals to Kritika that Karan had seen them outside the inn. Kritika feels remorseful about landing Preeta in a difficult situation, however she quiets her. Sarla and Srishti visit the police headquarters and ask ACP Vijay the purpose for capturing Preeta. After Srishti contends with him, he allows them to meet Preeta. Sarla sees Kritika with mournful eyes and requests the explanation for Preeta’s capture. Kritika stays confused and Preeta starts to clarify how she hit Akshay with a wooden plate. Sarla and Srishti guarantee Preeta that unquestionably another person has killed Akshay. Preeta advises them to unwind and allow the law to choose her blamelessness. Sarla asks Kritika for what valid reason no one from the Luthra House is at the police headquarters with Preeta. Preeta demands Kritika to leave and demands Sarla to quiet down. An irate Sarla chooses to visit the Luthras and question them, however Srishti attempts to stop her. At the Luthra House, Mahira uncovers to Sherlyn that Karan may have whipped Akshay. Mahira’s disclosure make Sherlyn speculate Prithvi, Karan, and Mahira of Akshay’s homicide.




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