In the flashback; Aliya manages Tanu for offering her property and cash as a trade off of Abhi. Tanu acknowledges the arrangement. Mitali also joins Tanu and Aliya in their arrangement.

Aliya replaces Tanu at the mandap. Back to the real world; Prachi and Riya consider how Tanu wedded Abhi. Abhi stresses for Pragya. He goes to meet Pragya. Pragya opens the entryway.

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Kum Kum Bhagya 15 June 2021 Written Update telly updates

Abhi uncovers to Pragya that his marriage is finished with Tanu. He freezes. Pragya advises Abhi that somebody went to her room and made her smell chloroform. Abhi blames Pragya for not ready to effectively stop his wedding. Pragya chooses to show proof and Pradeep to pass judgment. Abhi stresses. Afterward, Pragya argues with Pradeep to advise the judge about Tanu. Ranbir and Aryan stands stunned learning Tanu wedded Abhi