Ranbir calls Sid and asks why did you visit Bangalore? Sid thinks of Rhea’s phrases and says she is aware of it. Ranbir says you wrote a notice to her and says I must carry Rhea to Bangalore because of your reaction. Sid says why you’re bringing her, she will be able to come on my own. Sid receives dubious. Ranbir says she desires to come there for her pal’s wedding. He says she loves you lots and says he’s going to drop Rhea to airport and asks him to select out her. Sid asks if Prachi agreed. Ranbir says yes, Prachi wishes her husband to move farfar from her. Sid says she is status at the back of you. Ranbir says I need her to concentrate to me. Sid asks her now no longer to combat with him. Prachi says we are able to communicate later. She attempts to cheer him up and asks if she kiss him, then will he communicate to her.

Prachi asks Ranbir if he’s going to provide his coronary heart to a person’s else. Ranbir says till you’re with me, I will now no longer study absolutely everyone. Prachi smiles. Aaliya lies to Rhea and says your mother had driven your Dad, says she desires to kill him. Rhea says Mom desires to kill Dad. She sees Abhi and Pragya sitting withinside the automobile and using off. She receives shocked. Read More…..