Pradeep compromises Tanu that he will stop her wedding at any expense and escapes before the police go into Tanu’s home. Tanu demands that Pradeep will appear at her wedding with bogus proof and demands the overseer for police’s help. Then, Rhea and Prachi give reality serum to Pragya to get an admission out of Tanu.

Rhea starts to feel regretful however persuades herself that Prachi is off base. She calls her to her room and again takes steps to obliterate their family on the off chance that she attempted to take Ranbeer from her. Sometime thereafter, Prachi sees Ranbeer battling to cut an apple and helps him. Ranbeer discusses their future as a couple and regrets its misfortune.

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Upon the arrival of the wedding, Mr Singhania educates Tanu that the body of evidence against Abhi has been removed. Pragya shows up with the wedding clothing at Tanu’s home and shrouds her telephone to record Tanu’s admission. She removes the needle from her sack, yet Tanu sees it and requests that she leave. Pragya advises her that Abhi is wedding her not on the grounds that he needs to but since she asked him to.