Kum kum Bhagya 10 April 2021 Written Update

Scene begins with Pragya sees Killer is approaching them than she runs with Abhi disclosing to him it’s down. Executioner follows them. Pragya shrouds Abhi behind vehicle and she looks for open dickey and takes Abhi with her and makes him cover up in dickey than she takes cover behind vehicle. Executioner going to open the dickey yet Pragya makes Sound to redirect Killer consideration. Executioner goes aside. Pragya looks for her telephone than Killer caughts her and gets some information about her significant other. Pragya discloses to him he went to home than Killer slaps her. Abhi comes out saying don’t beat her. Executioner going to go towards Abhi yet Pragya beats him with pole. Executioner chokes Pragya neck than Abhi beats Killer with bat to save Pragya.

Executioner blows up and beats Abhi severely taking bat from him. Pragya cries seeing Abhi’s state and yells for help. Abhi lost his cognizant. Two individuals went to that place than Killer runs from that spot seeing them. In transit Pragya calls and educates to Aliya about Abhi’s state and discloses to her that they are going to emergency clinic. Aliya says Doctor is at home and she requests that she carry Abhi to home. Pragya concurs.


Specialist checks Abhi state. Dadi feels stressed for Abhi. Aliya chides Gayathri for taking Abhi to outside. Tanu goes to Abhi’s room and asks what befell Abhi. Gayathri says somebody needs to kill him and he is a similar individual who hurted Abhi in the Sagai time. Aliya says you know it all and they takes Pragya from Abhi room. Dadi believes what’s going on. Medical attendant asks what’s Abhi’s recuperation rate? Specialist advises her their is 95% possibility.


Aliya says she realizes who needs to execute her sibling. Pragya asks who. Aliya uncovers Pragya face saying she is answerable for her sibling condition. Pragya gets shocked than she demands Aliya to permit her to treat Abhi. Aliya faults Pragya for Abhi’s medical issue. Tanu requests that Pragya take off from house yet she denies than Aliya, Tanu and Mitali attempts to toss out Pragya than Dadi comes to them. Pragya implores them to permit her to treat Abhi. Dadi upholds Pragya. Aliya discloses to them she will not offer cash to Abhi treatment if Pragya stays at their place. Tanu says Pragya don’t have cash to treat Abhi. Aliya asks what’s Pragya choice. Pragya disclose to them she will get Abhi treated with her cash. Tanu says your proposition isn’t right Aliya, we don’t confide in you Pragya so leave from here in any case police will capture you than she hauls Pragya out and bolts the entryway. Aliya opens the entryway abd faults Pragya fir Abhi state and she requests that she leave them shutting the entryway all over. Dadi feels awful.

Pragya ranges to home. Saritha sees Pragya state and asks her what occurred. Pragya discloses to her how Killer assaulted Abhi. Saritha inquires as to why you came to home if Abhi condition is basic. Pragya cries saying everything is over on the grounds that they got me than she goes to Maata Rani symbol and faults her platitude Abhi’s correct, you’re simply stone that is the reason you’re not tuning in to any supplications. Saritha attempts to stop Pragya yet she will not tune in.


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