Scene begins with Ranbir leaves down the stairs with packs. Beeji guarantees to Pallavi that She will stop Ranbir. Pallavi sees Ranbir with sacks and says so you’re leaving from home. Aryan leaves saying sorry. Ranbir going to leave yet Vikram stops him. Ranbir says he don’t have any alternative left on the grounds that my reality is Prachi and I can’t remain here in light of the fact that you’re against my adoration.

Vikram and Beeji attempts to stop him however he won’t tune in. Pallavi sats let him leave and one more thing Ranbir you don’t get any property from us on the off chance that you left from home. Ranbir says keep those things with you, I needn’t bother with cash which can get me far from my adoration. Pallavi says love can’t fill your stomach and you become poor and can’t get compensation equivalent to your pocket cash than you will know the estimation of cash. Ranbir says I will figure out how to carry on with helpless daily routine yet on the off chance that I can’t experience one day without Prachi. Pallavi finds out if would she say she is significant than his family?

On the off chance that you venture out than I will never permit you in house. Ranbir says I’m going out to get my satisfaction. Pallavi stops Ranbir. Ranbir joyfully says I realize you will acknowledge my adoration. Pallavi says you’re mixed up, I will pass on yet won’t acknowledge Prachi and don’t result in these present circumstances home again in light of the fact that I’m breaking our connection. Vikram and Beeji attempts to stop however Pallavi won’t tune in and says If Ranbir can’t hear us out than why we need to hear him out?