Kuch Toh Hai Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein 27 March 2021 Written Updates

Priya gets one wizardry bloom and says this one has Shivji’s endowments and puts that blossom on Rehan saying this blossom can offer life to him. Rehan awakens. Priya says now they needs to murder Pam. Pam pivots and says she got Adisaat’s force so they can’t execute her. Aru comes there and says Adisaat can get his forces back yet Pam ought not leave this cavern.

Priya says she will stop Pam. Rehan says he lost Adisaat’s forces yet he is hawk and Adi naagin’s child so he actually has powers. Priya and Rehan assaults Pam. Pam passes on and Rehan gets his forces. Rehan reveals to Priya that he doesn’t merit his pardoning. She says life gave additional opportunity to them and admits her affection to him. He says he also adores her. Family goes along with them and prods them.

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