Today’s new episode (4th September 2021) of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Season eleven (KKK eleven) begins offevolved with Rohit Shetty welcoming all of the contestants on this new week. Later Rohit Shetty pronounces this week as Ticket to Finale week. He additionally warns that to seize this shortcut to finale isn’t always that easy. To win this, there could be a race to Ticket to Finale and handiest 6 will carry out now no longer 8. With this he additionally well-knownshows that this week there could be no elimination. Now it’s time to determine who’re the 6 contestants who will compete for Ticket To Finale.

Before this decider stunt, Rohit Shetty offers a amusing sport to all of the contestants. Now it’s time for the primary stunt of this week for you to be a dynamic stunt.

khatron ke khiladi 5 September 2021 written update : khatron ke khiladi Written Updates

Stunt: A contestant could be mendacity on a catapult (aka Human Slingshot) and as soon as the stunt begins offevolved, he/she could be thrown to the putting net. As quickly as he/she grabs the net, he/she can be able to need to get-and-hook all of the 7 flags from the net.

This stunt could be Vishal v/s Rahul and Divyanka v/s Sana. Vishal and Rahul begins offevolved the stunt first and accomplished it well. Now Divyanka and Sana begins offevolved the stunt. They additionally accomplished it well.

The end result is Vishal and Divyanka were given extra flags and flow in advance withinside the race to win Ticket to Finale. While Sana and Rahul gets any other danger to re-input on this race.

Second Stunt of 4th September 2021

Before the subsequent stunt, Rohit Shetty performs a amusing sport with Shweta Tiwari.

Now it’s time for the second one head-on stunt of the day for you to be accomplished through Arjun, Abhinav, Shweta, and Varun.

Stunt: It is an underwater stunt wherein each the contestants could be inner a field and their legs could be locked with weights. Once the stunt begins offevolved, they each could be dropped withinside the pool of water with this weight. At first they’ll need to open the locks and later get all of the flags from water. At the give up, the contestant will need to swim to the give up factor and rang the bell.

Varun and Abhinav begins offevolved the stunt first however lamentably they each aborts the stunt. Here Rohit Shetty offers any other danger to each of them however they’re now no longer geared up to try this stunt as soon as again.
After a few time, they each are geared up to do the stunt.
Varun-Abhinav begins offevolved as soon as again. Varun aborts the stunt at the same time as Abhinav completes it very well.
Now Arjun and Shweta begins offevolved the stunt. Shweta aborts the stunt at the same time as Arjun completes it well.
Result may be very clear. Arjun and Abhinav joins Vishal-Divyanka in race to Ticket to Finale.
While Varun and Shweta joins Sana-Rahul withinside the very last head-on stunt.

Third Stunt of 4th September 2021

Now it’s time for the ultimate head-on stunt of the day.

This head-to-head infinite stunt could be accomplished through Rahul, Sana, Varun, and Shweta.
Only 2 from them will be a part of the race to Ticket to Finale.
It is a companion stunt for which Rahul-Varun and Shweta-Sana are the companions.

Stunt: Both the companions could be out of doors a cage pf crocodiles. Once the stunt begins offevolved, one companion will pass inner a cage and get five yellow flags from crocodiles. After that, any other companion will pass inner and get the last five yellow flags. At ultimate, they’ll need to get one very last purple flag and afterward switch that one crocodile in any other cage.

Now earlier than the stunt, Rohit Shetty offers a small benefit mission for group Shweta and group Rahul to devour most chillies. A contestant from the group who eats most chillies gets a bonus of one min. They gets 1 extra minute to finish the stunt.

Shweta and Rahul begins offevolved the stunt and from them Shweta have become the winner and receives a bonus.

Shweta-Sana begins offevolved stunt first. Sana is going inner a cage. After five flags, Shweta enters withinside the cage.

khatron ke khiladi 22th august 2021 written update

The episode begins offevolved with Rohit converting the companions for the approaching stunts and the companions are Vishal and Nikki, Abhinav and Rahul, Arjun and Shweta and in the end Sana and Anushka. Rohit broadcasts that it’s double removal and the couple who loses in the long run each gets removed from the display. Rohit broadcasts the primary stunt for the contestants Rahul and Abhinav and Shweta and Arjun. One contestant can be gift withinside the container and container begins offevolved drowning withinside the water. The different contestant could have the keys and need to soar in water and release the 3 locks to get the primary contestant out of the container. After coming out, each need to swim and contact the mark to finish the stunt. The pair who completes with minimum time will become winner whilst the alternative receives worry funda. First Shweta and Arjun plays the stunt and correctly completes it. Next Abhinav and Rahul plays the stunt however aborts it not able to finish it. Shweta and Arjun will become winners whilst Abhinav and Rahul receives worry funda.

Rohit broadcasts the second one stunt for the ultimate companions – Sana and Anushka and Nikki and Vishal. Two structures are gift at ends of a railing. The 1/2 of of the railing became separated via way of means of blue ropes as bridge whilst the ultimate 1/2 of is left empty. The contestant can be gift at the primary platform and need to attain the 1/2 of give up via way of means of passing via the blue ropes. After the 1/2 of give up, the contestant have to use the black ropes that became gift close to them. They need to construct the bridge themselves with one accomplice tying at one give up and the alternative accomplice tying the alternative give up and cowl the ultimate hole to attain the second one give up platform. Once they byskip the blue rope the contestant mustn’t relaxation at the platform and need to live at the black ropes. The time given to finish the stunt is 15 min. The companions who entire the stunt with minimum time can be declared the winner. Sana and Anushka plays it first however they couldn’t entire because the time receives over once they have been approximately to attain the give up. Next Nikki and Vishal plays the stunt. Vishal correctly plays the stunt and passes via the blue rope however Nikki became scared to even byskip the blue rope. Time became up earlier than they may even begin making the black rope bridge. Automatically Sana and Anushka will become the winner whilst Vishal and Nikki joins Abhinav and Rahul in removal stunt via way of means of getting the worry funda. Contestants specifically Varun could be very tons indignant at Nikki and commenced lashing out at her for dragging Vishal in hazard together with her because of her worry. Contestant had a one on all combat with Nikki who became blamed for endangering Vishal’s adventure withinside the display.

Rohit broadcasts the removal stunt for Abhinav and Rahul and Nikki and Vishal. Two bins are proven one with keys and the alternative with locks. The contestant have to insert their heads into the container and cock roaches and display lizards can be poured on them. The first contestant have to take the important thing with the mouth and need to byskip it to the second one contestant the usage of mouth. The 2d contestant additionally need to get it with their mouth and need to deliver it out from window and use their arms to open the locks. The stunt receives finished after they open all of the 4 locks. First Abhinav and Rahul plays the stunt and correctly completes it. Next Nikki and Vishal plays the stunt and completes it too. Rohit broadcasts the end result that Abhinav and Rahul finished it in four min and forty secs whilst Nikki and Vishal finished it in four min and 50 sec. Nikki and Vishal bids good-bye to the display whilst the contestants are very tons disillusioned that a deserving contestant like Vishal were given removed.

khatron ke khiladi 5 September 2021 written update : khatron ke khiladi Written Updates