Kasautii Zindagii Kay 9 September 2020 Written Updates

Today’s episode of Kasauti Zindagi begins with Kha and where she gets scolded a lot for not doing it in her country then Priyanka comes here and is very surprised to see their relationship and Prerna He gave a mat to Priyanka and asked her to take the mat and go inside

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Then Priyanka asks if you can leave the review Sumit wants to stay there and Prerna then asks them if we can stay the night here and then Priyanka says that Smita has to take the children’s test the next day and The children also have to be taught that is why Prerna sends Sunita home

Right now Anurag is standing alone looking at the moon and staring for a long time and thinking that I cannot see hatred against me in the eyes of Abhi Prerna and he says that hatred will never be tolerated and Anurag to the moon Seeing this the moon tells her to show me the right way and she remembers the inspiration saying that whenever the inspiration feels sad she talks to the moon

And living there on the other side is also looking at the moon and wondering why she still couldn’t get Anurag out of her heart and why there is room for her in her heart and she gave my life just to get her project Life is saved.

She is still standing by the window and the priest takes her inside. She just asks Prerna that she is upset. Mr. Bajaj scolds Prerna too much for being so careless but Prerna deliberately annoys him. Comes and goes in Bajaj and Anurag while drinking is remembering the time when he pushed inspiration in sleep and he says

That it has made a very big mistake in the name of saving the persuader and he used to say that he knows very well that he will have to be alone after this incident but still I saved his life. But when she sees Anurag, she realizes that Anurag is thinking of inspiration.

He thinks that he has bothered her a lot because they have never touched each other for so long. Cookie says he is fine and Ola asks if you just called to ask how he is then he says yes then Cookie cuts the call and then Shivani remembers the time when Anurag saved Prerit’s life And yet she doesn’t ask what Shivani is thinking, then Shivani says I am thinking about Anurag

And she says that right now she has nothing to do with the inspiration of fire and she is the wife of Mr. Bajaj now the inspiration falls asleep and she has a nightmare in which Anurag is in trouble and I am inspired Is asking for help and Prerna opens up and she screams loudly and at the same time Cookie comes running there and asks what happened then Prerna says I had a nightmare and this is where the episode ends If you like the episode, please comment below