Kasautii Zindagii Kay 7 September 2020 Written Updates

In tonight’s episode, you will see that Anurag tries to awaken the inspiration and he then asks someone to open the door for help. He hears from outside and Anurag tells him to repair the door so that he can get the door repaired. He then asks Mohini to call Nivedita and asks him Ask if Anurag is with him

Gir tells Mohini that the two are not together and on the other hand Anurag asks Prerna to wake up and she checks his pulse while checking Prerna and there on the other hand the driver tells about Anurag and Prerna That they are both trapped in a cold storage and after that Shrimali asks for help from the doctor then on hearing this from the original she runs away from there and then Anurag yells at her to wake her up because there is very little oxygen there Was

After that Amroha takes the inspiration with her mouth and tries to lift it and after a while the inspiration wakes up and then when the inspiration wakes up she gets very angry. The melody of the heart took her breath from her mouth. Ragani breathed through her mouth Breathed through her mouth Breathed through her mouth Breathed through her mouth and warns lovers to stay away from her Stay away from her and they both start fighting again Let’s start and tell Kareena that he is not her passion

Tirupur says so much that you are a ruthless man if you were the same Anurag then you would never sign the paper of that orphanage Anurag gets shocked Hoon hoon lagta hoon Kiran sahib gets angry and asks him if he has Shivaj that I can do that Monica and everyone is standing outside the door and then by inspiration faints faints I door They open and are surprised to see the inspiration in the arms of Anurag

After that the doctor and the doctor also come there and I say that it all happened in cold storage and Anurag himself is coming. The tractor is the tractor tells him to change clothes if he didn’t do it he didn’t do it If done, the sun will become ammonia and it is decided that he will put on new clothes and after that the doctor will tell everyone that Anurag has breathed inspiration from his mouth. It does not live by listening to the young Mohini and Shivania. Mohani and Shivania are very surprised to hear and there on the other side Anurag also comes in a change of clothes.

After that Shivani tells Prerna that you were very worried thinking about him, he went crazy and she says that he has saved so much and Anurag wants to meet Prerna but Meena stops him. Stops me saying she is fine and if i ask her to leave then she leaves me alone

He asked Mishra ji if he took a rose, he asked Rose if he took a rose, he asked Gulab ji if he took a rose, he asked Gulab if he took a rose, whether the rose was gone, she says That yes Anurag is gone then Prerna gets confused about Anurag’s care and anxiety and after that she speaks and comes there and tells him that he is worrying like this on purpose then Prerna would say That is why you came here and this is where the episode ends