Kasautii Zindagii Kay 5 September 2020 Written Updates

Today’s episode of Kasauti Zindagi starts with Rohit as he is very worried about not deleting Kamalika’s message for the day, after which he gets lost in Koshik’s thoughts and Shivani tells him to For what is in her heart Chiku asks her how she found out that I love Ronnie

Shivani says that when we love someone, it is known by our gestures and our demeanor that we know what we are feeling towards someone, then it is known by the way we look at it, then Prerna asks Anurag. Is he drunk then Anurag starts apologizing to him and he says that he knows you don’t like it then Prerna says that it has nothing to do with it then Prerna feels cold And Anurag takes off his jacket and puts on inspiration

Pranam tries to correct but Anurag tells her that it is very cold you don’t do such drama and wear it quietly otherwise you will feel cold but Prerna does not listen to a single word of hers and after removing the cut Prerna is cold She throws the storage box inside. If she can do what she can, Prerna says that she doesn’t need it right now so she is putting it inside. After that Raga and Prerna are quarreling with each other. Prerna is shocked. She knows why he is taking care of her when she is his real face

After that Maulik asks Aronik what happened then Johnny is apologizing to him and says that if anyone finds out that he is marrying Shivani for revenge then Kimalika asks in surprise that After what you are saying Ronit says that my mobile is lost and I did not delete that message of yours and on hearing this you slap Alka and Veena comes there

She asks that if Shivani finds out about the irrigation and Veena also hears a little talk and is surprised, Anurag is apologizing to Prerna but Prerna says apologize to me I don’t need your apology and there Malika on the other side is still scolding Ronit for not deleting the message and looking at him without looking in the mirror, wondering what he must be talking about.

That Monica slaps Rohit again and Rohit says that he is sure that his phone is with Koshik but I am not giving it to him. To reassure him, Kemulik gives him Rohit’s phone and says that now you You won’t do anything because you have already ruined the game completely Rohit gets surprised and asks how this phone came to you from all of you he says that your phone was not with Koshik but with Maloi

She remembers listening to Maloy’s conversation with her friend. She throws a drink on her mobile and spoils it completely and leaves saying that she will buy something new. Then Monica says it’s time. Kaushik says that Rohit is not a good boy. At the end of the episode, Prerna faints and Anurag tries to pick him up. The episode ends