Kasautii Zindagii Kay 16 September 2020 Written Update

In the episode of Kasautii Zindagi, you will see that Molo is asked what he is thinking. There on the other side, Anurag says that he needs to convince his wife. He then goes to pick up Keimalika. Then she is also sorry about the death of her mother and you say that we are very happy that you realize that you have made a mistake. Then he says that it is of no use to keep the motivation aside, how much he did for him and his business. Then Anurag is thinking something in his mind to make a story. So that they do not have any doubt about that. And asks the sister what he is thinking about lying.

He says that no matter what he does, Motivation always behaves rudely with him, unlike him. And he also says that he is fully aware of its value. And he wants to take her to dinner with the family. Then there is the amazing havoc that he felt as if he realized his mistake and wants to take him on a date with him. But I was thinking wrong. Anurag tells another big lie that he wants to connect our relationship with the family, and Kamal too becomes very happy and agree with it. Right now the laddoos are bursting in your mind that she will behave well with Anurag and this will irritate the inspiration a lot and there on the other side Koshik and Manish are called out and both of them sit in the car.

Then Manish asks Kaushik that where are we going, Coshik answers, that we are going to a party and he sees that Kaushik is slowly speeding up the car. . I arrive at the party and Anurag leaves from there to get a drink and Mohini wants Komolika not to take a bad look at him. And on the other side there is a word to Nivedita that Anurag is definitely dependent on something else. He is then asked what Ash is doing with Monica, then those ashes say that it is true that we both have come together because he wanted to spend some family time with his wife in private. Just turned songs on at night. Anurag deliberately puts curry on him and starts pretending to go for washing. Nivedita becomes clear that Anurag is just doing a play and he deliberately puts curry on himself and has just gone to wash the inside but I still remain silent.

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Both Manish and Kaushik arrive at the college, Manish is trying to run there but something happens that he should rectify his mistake and not run away and help Kuki.

Anurag comes to his room, and he starts looking for papers, and he starts wondering what Nivedita is hiding from him. They have not been able to get it and is it all closed with inspiration. Anurag stresses his mind and thinks that where the papers are, he only knows where the papers are kept. Kaushik and Manish sneak inside after escaping from the watchman but still do not give any voice to the watchman, then both of them enter and the watchman chases them. Only Malika goes to find Anurag right now and calls Anupam Nivedita and she gets angry. She letters to him. Kamaal says that the price is right and she also says how Kaushik loves Kukki.

Anurag gets 51% stake in a Bajaj City signed by Kommika through Prerna. Then Anurag is calling Prerna again and again but I do not pick up her call. Shivani then brings Prerna to the lie that she has been called by Mr. Bajaj and she accompanies him. And that’s where the episode ends.