Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15 September 2020 Written Update

Today’s episode begins with Samidha and Prerna where they are both eating ice cream. Both of them leave and Priyanka’s sister remembers the words of Prerna. She asks Priyanka why she lied and then scolds her. Cookie car is repaired. And examines it. Kaushik comes there, and offers to help Kuki, and then tells Kukki to sit in the car. Kukki tries but the car does not start Prerna and Sunita come to Vikrant with ice cream and she asks for ice cream.

The shopkeeper says that she looks like a mother and daughter, but Suvidha asks if he is telling the truth Prerna says she looks more beautiful then Kaushik says that Cookie has called the mechanic and she is 45 minutes I will reach here. And Kuki gets to know all these things and he feels that where will he wait for so long, then I paste this in front of him that he will shop for that long.

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Kukki gets a bike to try. Samidha gives Prerna and Priyanka playing with each other and thinks what their sister is hiding, Prerna asks her if they resemble each other and the love shows. Let’s ask him to forget it. Monica comes behind Nivedita and scares her, after which she asks about the papers and Nivedita says that she has cheated him as if she saw Anurag in the room then you meteor ask what will happen if she She gives it to herself at night or sells it for money.

Kukki asks if they are manufactured there and says that he must drink from there while exiting the office and he is asked to try once. He will forget all those big star hotel teas. Kukki says he can’t believe he drinks tea on a roadside, except for such a big five-star hotel, he doesn’t believe it and pays up to 50000 to do the work but is afraid of expenses is. Kukki says that I like only those people who have a very good heart and are not even friends, Bajaj stops them together and tries to catch them but he disappears from there .

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Then Mr. Bajaj arrives and there is a debate between them again and he starts fighting about the Ashram and the realization, then Veena says that it is all wrong because someone between husband and wife Not to be a mystery, and Prerna agrees. Webster calls Big Bazaar but he doesn’t get up from there to see the lover of the mall’s gift to his delight. Anurag keeps everyone busy to find the papers on the other side. And everyone is saying that they should go to find the papers. This is where today’s episode comes to an end. In tomorrow’s episode we will see that Anurag gets the papers and Monica gets a shock when Chandra Ka comes to know that Sneha is still alive.

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