The episode of Kasauti Zindagi begins with Prerna Samidha, and she says I will show you everything the head of the orphanage is considering from her, and this land is rightfully ours right now, and we have this land Is legally the owner of, and he was Sumit and is very surprised to see the inspiration together.

He says, no matter how far and when they will gather, and she remembers the words of Anurag, that she will continue to inspire Samidha, she also remembers the words of Komolica, and Samidha. Says wherever you guys go, and play with the kids and eat ice cream, sweets because I want to communicate with inspiration. And while breaking, Kaushik stumbles upon Nivedita, and Nivedita asks him if everything is fine so he remembers because he is being loved.

Nivedita remembers her husband’s advice, and tells Kaushik that he should go ahead and govern his mistake and apologize because this is the last thing you do when you make a mistake against someone. . Kamalika then opens the champion’s bottle and when Anurag arrives he drinks together and seeing the two together he tries to show the excitement and Anurag suspects that something is certain. Anurag asks those who are hiding from him to show him the office file but I lie that this file does not belong to his doctor but to Mittal company.

Anurag looks at Bhai and says show me the file and he finds it so weird why he is writing the file to him like this and he is examining the file and when Komolica tells him the inspiration It is there and distracts Anurag.

Nivedita gets a call, she keeps the file with her, because she needs it. Kamalika makes an excuse to leave the room and she goes out. Anurag looks at the champagne glasses in the room and notices them and suspects that something is different from what he is saying to her and the glasses are a sign that the two are making something he is unaware of.

In the same way Kaushik comes to meet Cookie and apologizes to her, but she hears a phone call of hearts and words and if I tell her everything she will start hating me maybe it is also that He should never talk to me. Similarly Bajaj is out of the house while Gopi thinks that we felt very bad because of the harsh behavior and now I have left him.

The inspiration is in the orphanage and Priyanka’s elder sister thanks him for giving back the purpose of her life to save the orphanage. Prerna tells him that I feel a personal connection with Samidha in the same way I don’t understand why this is happening but doing something for her also makes me happy. Similarly, Prerna sees a burn mark on a woman’s neck but she is not aware of it. This is how the episode ends.