Today’s episode starts with Anurag and suddenly his violet falls down when he gets a photo of Inspiration, then he remembers Bajaj and he says that if I hated anyone the most, then he was Mr. Bajaj Dear Priyanka’s sister is being taken when the ice cream falls on her hand. All notices her scar. Prerna goes to meet the Priyanka orphanage. All the staff congratulate her as she saved the orphanage.

Prerna asks Priyanka only then She says that he is not there and he says that she asks her sister to give her the papers and goes to fetch her. He goes to her sister and says about Kareena. Hearing Prerna’s name, she understood Anurag. Giving her and Kamal also recalls how bad Sneha’s mother is, she is such a lowly woman, then she is shocked and if this inspires her, the brakes of Anurag’s car fail and with pressure Ka stops I ask Anurag to come out and he asks where he is about how he fails.

Laughs and remembers the incident when she was saved by the railroad. She wants to live to correct her mistakes. Anurag takes leave and sits in the car that needs his own and says that in-laws will come back. Prerna is very much waiting for her who is late to meet her. A girl falls down. Her mother reaches there and takes her with her and hugs her, while promising that Remembrance asks for her.

Then Mohini manages to make up the situation by making an excuse and Mohini starts feeling upset about Nivedita. She asks if she is upset with the children Mohini reminds her that the children will take care of completing the project. She reminds of him and Anurag that she is finally getting back what she gave to her but no one recognizes her hard work, but the magazine has kept Nivedita surprised and thanks her mother for convincing her It is then that Komolika comes back and asks tenderly what happened that she is suddenly happy Nivedita was also very upset that she wants to see the party just to celebrate her victory, that the mall agrees. Nivedita said that one is shocked for Monica, then on the other side you see that Masi thinks it How strange that both mother and daughter are together but cannot recognize each other. It is a game of luck.

Despite being in front of each other, they cannot call each other mother and daughter but this is a relationship of heart. Can stay away from this situation