Kasautii Zindagii Kay 11 September 2020 Written Update

Today’s episode begins with Monica trying to earn a sign of inspiration on paper without Anurag’s consent. But then Pick Mall doesn’t want that. Amolika tells Nivedita that Anurag has already destroyed herself so no small thing matters to her. Both become unaware that the motivation is emphasizing their point. Anurag remembers when she was locked in the store room. And what if she thinks that if she was responsible for the demolition of the orphanage then Sister Asha is shocked.

Mobile Ka does not know whether the signatures will be signed by Prerna Nivedita receives from the orphanage and hands them over to Prerna. After the deal breaks down and Perrana gives water to Mall Ka about Samidha’s safety and she leaves the house.

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Monica snatches the papers from their hands and starts enjoying her victory. Meanwhile Mohini’s ego gets bitter and because she remembers how Cash inspired her to have some tea with cookie. Maa Doosri and Anurag and Mr. Bajaj argue a lot with each other after their car collided with each other and whenever Kamal Ka was already warned by Prerna, now Anurag no longer tells Mr. Bajaj about his story. Anurag warns Mr. Bajaj about his whereabouts

And when Prema returns home, she hides Anurag, misses him a lot and she becomes very sad about what is cooking in her mind, she also misses a chance and the security of Nivedita and realizes that it was right while She said that she was responsible for bringing down the orphanage. Abe decides to take concrete steps and ensures that she will try to learn something from everything that has happened in the past. Will she search for the fallen lion to understand why Anurag tried to kill her 8 years ago and when she was locked in the room she spared no effort to save my life Reena is wondering why she did it And this is where the episode ends.