Kasautii Zindagii Kay 10 September 2020 Written Update

Kasauti Zindagi Aaj Ka episode starts with Anurag and Prerna shouting the name and Vicky asks her what happened then Prerna tells her that nothing happened or it is a nightmare and Kukin tells her to relax And the next morning, Mr. Bajaj shows Prerna a cover of the magazine with her photo in it. Purva says that you will get the Business Woman Award.

Prerna grabs her heart and says that she will end Anurag in any case and she will not miss any chance that Mall is thinking that it will not allow Prerna to steal her husband Durga is to seduce her Decides because he has the right to be Anurag’s wife and Anurag comes there and you start romancing her with him so Andra says he can understand but don’t do it now he says just now Not even 8 years ago Prerna has spoken to him

Does Orbit Mall remind her that she is Mr. Bajaj’s wife but Anurag says that Anurag is just an inspiration and he says that I can only doubt inspiration on every single thing and the request pushes him Puranlal is wondering why his intention to tell the truth to Prerna is getting raw, he realizes that Durga Puja is about to start and he needs to make an idol of a mother queen. When he hears Kadak’s voice, something good starts happening in his life and this time too he wants something good and prays to Mata Rani that everything will be fine and at the same time inspiration enters the house. Inspiration and Anurag cross the path Anurag and Prerna are texting in such a way that he is around her but he thinks that no it can’t be there but it is there too

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After this your name comes to Nivedita who is not having a movie and asks about Anurag or does not say that she is not here but she does not believe then Nivedita gets a call from Anurag to meet her Saying and then she tells them about that magazine and shows them the magazine Urvashi says that she will give only 51% share for blackmailing Hoon and you chance thinks that inspiration is not worth much and she challenges in April that she will get the shares but she will not leave the orphanage and she says that she is sure that they will destroy her then say Premnath That she will add more prayers in the future but the orphanage is very important to her. Gaya tells her paper 9 and says that I am busy with half the share, just then she wonders what to say. Running to get the papers, she calls Prerna a foolish girl and runs with the joy of her victory. Is passed

Then Nivedita comes there and says that Anurag will never agree to this and then the price says that I know how to handle Anurag well and orders him to call the papers and then Nivedita gives the papers Goes for and that Monica is very much happy and waiting for inspiration papers

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