Kasautii Zindagii Kay 8 September 2020 Written Updates

Tonight’s episode starts with Mall Ka where Maulik is picking up a knife to cut the apple and Prerna taunts Komolika and Anurag and also asks if Anurag has taken revenge on her. Kamalika jokingly tells Prerna that she wants to save 50 per cent shares from the city of Bajaj to save the orphanage,

after which she again taunts Kamal Prerna and tells her more And reminds her that Sneha is dead and makes her sad. Prerna feels that Anurag has saved her for her needs and she feels a lot of hatred against Anurag and on the other side Sumit

Tha is very much worried and Prerna is crying on the other side and then Anurag is comforting her and he says that she is fine like Veena said and he is asking not to worry and then Prerna stops crying.

Anurag is shocked that he has made such a big mistake in the name of the orphanage and he gets nervous and he is wondering when he signed the signature on paper. And when he reached the office, it could definitely be someone’s trick,

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now the original’s heart is happy in his mind because his trick is succeeding, he wanted to weaken the motivation and motivation in his web Slowly it is cropping up and she is sure that he will definitely give her shares and on the other side Sametha leaves from there saying that she has to leave Preena from there and then Prerna remembers those words of Anurag

She remembers Bajaj not giving her work about her, that she is too much compelled to fight and then that Monica made fun of Anurag for approaching Prerna and she tells the doctor that she told me Has told that Anurag had breathed you through his mouth due to which you are still alive and the heroine Raa says that

you keep your cheap thoughts with you and then their fight starts on a very big move of the mall. Is working but Anurag says that I have spoken with the Municipal Commissioner and during the conversation I have told him that once he Do not start work and with this, today’s episode ends.