Kasautii Zindagii Kay 3 September 2020 Written Updates

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 23 August 2020 Written Update Today Episode

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 3 September 2020 Written Updates

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 3 September 2020 Written Updates: – Kasautii Zindagii Kay will be shown to you in today’s episode when Anurag says with inspiration that he saved her. In this way you will see that the inspiration leaves him. Anurag starts thinking that if he does not lie to her, then she does not help him and he cannot see her in pain. She gets very upset. Prerna gets the door. Prerna calls Anurag and starts scolding him for that. A servant calls another servant and says that once this door is closed, it will not open.

Similarly, he asks to keep the door open until it is repaired. Stay on this side and Anurag fights on the phone. Inspiration goes into that room. Anurag gets his information and he too goes to the room behind the inspiration. Similarly, you will see that Kaushik says that he cannot see the tears in Kuki’s eyes and he does not even know why. Cookie overhears this.


Kaushik says that Kuki is definitely not that type of girl but still he cannot see her in pain. Isravel leaves Kukki from there and Monish asks about him that he will give his brother a gift for his love because he can go to anyone in his career right now. Similarly, Molloy arrives there and sends Monish. Monish gives the phone to Kaushik saying that it is Rohit’s phone and it has a password.

On the other hand, Anurag comes to Prerna and he tells her that she is guilty. Similarly, Prerna replies that it was the same 8 years ago. Indraj starts thinking that this is the reason I am here because Gaya wants to be near him even though he is in a small car. Prerna says that she could not understand how girls in college were crazy for her. Inspiration is about to leave, but the night he holds her hand and asks if he does not have charm, how exactly he fell in love. Shilpa asks Shivani if ​​she is marrying Ronit who has done a lot wrong with your family, Ronit comes there and I start saying that everyone knows about their marriage.

Similarly, they say that whatever has happened has passed, similarly Bhagwat is happy in the present and loves each other. Similarly, he asked to take his picture with mehndi. But his phone is lost. Anurag will tell Prerna that she has nothing to hide. That is why inspiration goes out but Anurag does not let it go, I would close the door. It says with inspiration that it is too much fed up with everything.


Molloy and Kaushik try to open Ronit’s mobile password but it does not open.

Komolika starts wondering why Ronit got angry after seeing Shilpa. Isra does not even come to the movie and tells Tum Mobile Ka that it seems that Molloy is also suspecting him because he saw his phone stolen. Tenderness says that her phone is with her, Kamalika calls Anurag but he does not come. Anurag tries to motivate the BJP a lot but he is not able to do so. Kundala says how much he loves her but Prerna says that I do not love her.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 4 September 2020 Written Update

Precap: – In tomorrow’s episode you will be shown that Prerna will say that she does not give more importance to him, but bad he will say that he says that he does a lot of it.

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