Kasauti Zindagi Kay 31 August 2020 Written Updates

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 31 August 2020 Written Updates

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 31 August 2020 Written Updates

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 31 August 2020 Written Updates:- In today’s episode of Kasauti Zindagi, you will be shown that Komolika praises her brother very much. And Vyas says in the date that he is doing something for his sister which no brother does. He has agreed to marry Shivani despite hating her only for himself.

In this way you have seen the heroine will say that she is the most important person in her life. That’s why she can do anything for him. It does not seem to be why he did not ask for anything from the market as dowry because he had a plan. Kamalika will say that she is asking not as dowry but as Assam. Similarly, the cow says that she was definitely going to cause some problems before marriage. She tells him to go and she gets ready.


In the same way, Nivedita and Mohini come there and recognize the clothes and start saying that she will go first until the men will be in love until they will arrive late. Similarly, Kumar says that they will all go together as a happy family. Similarly, Shivani gets busy with her work.

In the same way, Veer Prerna will say that she is on cloud due to Shivani wedding. Veer says that Sneha is also where it is. Veer says that Samidha is similar to her. Similarly, they soon realize what strange thing they said.

Similarly, Prerna hugs relatives and Veer is very happy. Kamal and all of his family come on and Veena congratulates him.


Similarly Anurag arrives there and Veena becomes very angry upon seeing Zara as she is the reason for the struggle of motivation to save the orphanage. Kamalika makes fun of him by saying that if she kills well then Gaya will definitely not be able to kill her son.

Similarly Veer says that this is true and she is tolerating him for the happiness of Shivani, Kamalika gives mehndi to Suman.

Cookie finds Molloy and befriends him. Cookie begins to remember the past.

She further states that she does not remember anything about how her voice was returned and Price feels that nothing terrible should be missed and that he is heard hearing that he was in a wheelchair because of his father Got rid, he starts asking for something but Veena calls him and goes from there and he gets desperate to go about Neha. Kya hums a song with cassette and both of them in front of each other. Thoughts share

He gets awkward with his growing feeling and leaves in a romantic moment and Priyanka does not want to leave him and Anurag praises Sneha saying that you look very good this time and she is hurt Gaya and he discovers Bandgi is where the episode ends.

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