Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 September 2020 Written Updates

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 23 August 2020 Written Update Today Episode

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 September 2020 Written Updates

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 September 2020 Written Updates:- kasautii Zindagii kay I will show you that Prerna immediately removes her hand from Anurag. Similarly Anurag apologizes to Prerna but Samidha is about to ask what he is asking. Dandy does not think that it is a big mistake of motivation to misunderstand each other. Motivation for this also makes one feel embarrassed and apologizes. That is why he gives inspiration to the flower when he speaks to Bana Komolika vows to die with a thorn in the life of inspiration. Komal calls her sister-in-law and Komolika is about to visit him. What beats similar inspiration to come along.

Samidha says that no one should do, Anurag gets into thinking. You see that Komolika comes to Mohini. Who asks to apply a mehndi named Semra, though only she does not like it. Kumaoni seems to think that this is the right way to hurt motivation. Veena on the other hand also tells Prerna to apply mehndi, but her sister-in-law calls her for the job and leaves.


Monish Kaushik says that he loves Cookie but he later denies it, wondering what to do about Cookie if he finds out that the question paper is leaked. Would have Kukki makes Kaushik’s squad and is about to return it. It is of this kind that he hides to listen to Mohnish. She says that he never loves anyone or not and Kaushik starts running that he loves like this. As she listens and is left Shivani tries to see Ronik and her sister-in-law climbs on her.

Kamika sees that Ronit is not eyeing anyone else for Shivani. That is why Ronit has to tell a mobile phone to take full care of Shivani so that she cannot get out of the poison of her love. He says that he should not know that he is doing this for his revised preparation. Molloy sends Rohit a message Komolika notices this. Rohit starts to fall for her and goes to Shivani, sits down with Vaishali and she starts trying to show false love with Shivani.


Similarly, Anurag gives inspiration to Prerna, Prerna shakes her legs while moving and Anurag lifts her up on her lap. Prerna taunts Anurag and she starts talking to each other and he needs her to save her life. Have to send a pass. Moshi asks what they are doing to ask for help and Kaushik says that before he thinks someone is like him who lives on his father’s money.

She soon realizes that she cannot be this way. They say that whenever we see you, there is sadness in your eyes. He says that Cookie is sad to hear him even when she cries. And he does not see Pati. Mehendi snatches the finder’s mobile under the pretext of getting Shivani’s friend Shilpa takes it with her and Ronit gets tense and starts thinking about the reason for the mall. Anurag starts telling Naina as a poisonous thorn. Is in Need help Similarly, everything will be shown to you in the upcoming week.


Kasauti Zindagi Kay 3 September 2020 Written Updates

Precap: In yesterday’s phase you see that Anurag apologizes with inspiration and starts saying that he would accept today why he did this to her?

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