Karthika Deepam 24 March 2021 Written Update

Scene begins with Deepa serves tea to clients and her Dad. Murali Krishna says why this inn, you’re spouse of Doctor babu and girl in law of Soundarya. Deepa asks how he discovered her location. Murali Krishna says your relative gave me cash to look through you, while looking through each town I at last discovered you and he says he will advise Soundarya yet Deepa says don’t educate anything to her, how about we talk later once clients left.

Murali Krishna requests that Deepa get back to their place. Deepa says my significant other needn’t bother with me that is the reason I left everything. Murali Krishna inquires as to whether she could do without Karthik. Deepa says this is the thing that he required. Murali Krishna says Karthik is missing children. Deepa says he didn’t go for tests and still he feels Sourya and Hima are not his children and he needs to bring up kids thinking they are vagrants.


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Murali Krishna says leave regarding Karthik rebound back for your Mom in law, atleast for your children future you need Soundarya Garu support. Deepa says I can bring up my children so don’t ask me to rebound than Murali Krishna gets Soundarya call. Deepa takes a guarantee from Murali Krishna and demands him to mislead Soundarya that he didn’t discovered them else you can never see me.

Murali Krishna goes to the call and advises to Deepa that he didn’t discovered Deepa and don’t know if I can found, don’t take pressure. Soundarya says don’t say along these lines, I believe you so don’t talk thusly and kindly guarantee me that you can bring her back. He staysj quiet.


Soundarya says for what reason would you say you are quiet? Did you discovered her? Is it true that she is making you lie to me? Murali Krishna rigidly says he isn’t lying and felt awful reasoning their state. Soundarya says don’t lose your expectation and just discovered her than I will get her back to home. Murali Krishna concurs than Soundarya requests that he go to Bhagyalakshmi calls as well.

Bhagyalakshmi inquires as to whether he is fine. Soundarya reveals to her he is fine and beverages her tea. Murali Krishna says your Mom in law is feeling strained. Deepa says I know yet I will not return until my significant other gets changed and get back to me. Murali Krishna says than I will remain with you until Karthik gets changed. Deepa gets some information about Pinni. Murali Krishna says I will meet her in the middle however don’t request that I leave all things considered I will call Soundarya Garu to educate your subtleties. Deepa looks on than he goes to serve clients at slow down.


Bhagyalakshmi asks her opinion’s. Soundarya says why Deepa left with kids, issues will not settle on the off chance that she disappears. Bhagyalakshmi says Deepa sat tight for a very long time however Karthik didn’t changed that is the reason she left when she understood Doctor babu will not change, Tulasi herself uncovered Vihari is fruitless yet Karthik didn’t accepted that fact additionally than why Deepa need to remain here? You didn’t settle Deepa marrital life when she remains here than how might Deepa change your child when you can’t transform him? That is the reason she left with confidence.

Bhagyalakshmi says your child came here to get some information about his little girl and he generally accept somebody’s words and he will not get changed until he listens that individual words and excuse me if my words hurt you. Soundarya gets disturbed and leaves. Deepa looks for her Dad. Vamsi and Deepa sees Murali Krishna granulating the idli pindi. Deepa asks him move yet he will not saying he is additionally representative at Nanna Tiffin focus. Read more…..

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