Ishq Mein Marjawn Season 2 01 October 2020 Written Update

Tonight we will see that Kabir falls into his real face and after that Riddhima’s whole intoxication goes away and he tells Ridhima that you had come here to gather evidence for Ragini’s case but you fell in love. You have forgotten our mission, you have loved me. She has forgotten all her promises, then starts crying and does not say anything. Riddama thinks of the dynasty and sometimes thinks of Kabir and then in a while the dynasty is there. Comes and Kabir jumps into the water and takes Riddhima to the clan in his room and Kabir is watching from behind and tells Veri Ghee to beggar that I am watching you every moment and after that when the clan When he goes to his room, he sees that his room was decorated and a letter is written in which it is expected that you will like this surprise grandmother and Siya.

After that Riddhima’s dupatta is set on fire and sees it and he saves it quickly and extinguishes the fire of the dupatta, in the meantime Riddma is crying, then says that there is no need to worry till you Till I am with you, you cannot sing any problem today, and this is where the episode ends.