Next we see that the sound of Sejal is heard by Ridhima through a tap and it seems that Sejal is in trouble. And she wanders around to find Sejal in the house. And she asks where all the tap pipes go to this, then she comes to know that she goes to the storeroom and she goes towards the storeroom. And in the store room where the tax debate finds Sejal here and there but she does not find Sejal anywhere, after that her hand appears on a wall that Aryan had just made and it seems that this cement was just made. Gone because it is still wet.

Next we give that Ridhima picks up a hammer to knock down that wall and she starts hitting it in the wall only when Aryan starts hitting a stick on Ridhima from there. But even before Ridhima’s handcuffs, Grandma gives voice to Ridhima and Riddhima feels that the grandmother is not in trouble, so she leaves. Similarly, we see that Riddhima does not know about Sejal and then after that we see that the grandmother had invited Badrinath to prepare for the Havan at home, but Kabir Badrinath comes there instead. Sometimes this is why Badrinath makes up his mind because he wants to find Sejal and kill him because he has come to know his truth and Senjal was going to tell the truth to Ridhima.

Next we will see Aryan and his mother are feeding Sejal and saying that there is still time, tell me the truth otherwise your condition will be very bad and those people feed him juice and feed him. Sejal somehow hides her watch in the shoe pots and does the same medicine that the watch somehow sees Riddhima and she comes to know and does the same medicine that she watches Riddhima somehow and she knows that I am somewhere In trouble

Then we see that Aryan’s mother was going to sleep with the utensil but she gets a phone call and she starts picking up the phone and at that moment the pot falls from her hand and Aryan calls her to her room. Aryan forgets to clean the utensil, he tells his mother that I have brought Sejal to my room. Because there we may be in danger because there is a havan going on in the house and anyone may need anything, that’s why I have brought it to where I am.

After that, whatever Kabir is, Badrinath reaches the store room and finds Sejal there but Aryan has taken him to his room, so he does not get Sejal there. Next we see ……

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