Ogi we will see Kabir calls Anupriya and tells her that the box we are looking for is in Aryan’s room and her child Anupriya Anupriya Anupriya Anupriya takes the box and comes to Kabir and Kabir breaks the book. So, she stops Anupriya and kneels in front of her, kneels in front of her and says don’t do this but never listens to one and breaks the box and burns everything in it and burns it to ashes. She is sitting in front of her knee and is saying please don’t do this and is crying.

But Kabir also kneels in front of him and says that I am suffering as much as you, but we have to burn this past so our subject will be good or else our past will one day die and our who The plan to ruin the dynasty is going to fail. After that, Kabir is talking that it was a voice in which Riddhima was allowed to live in her family, because Riddhima did not have her own family, she was an orphan, so she came in love with the descendants and loved her. Sitting but right now her Riddhima will have to be brought back.

Ishq Mein Marjawan Season 2 10 October 2020 Written Updates

When Kabir is doing all these things, then Ridhima’s friend Senjal comes there and listens to all their things, but for some reason Kabir comes to know that someone is listening to us, then Kabir runs out and Syngel runs away from there that I will tell everything to Riddhima truthfully and will also tell Riddhima’s life is in danger, after that Sejal hides behind a car and then calls Riddhima to call Riddhima. She talks and says that your life is in danger, both you and the offspring have to be careful. Senjal then starts telling Ridhima the name of Kabir but someone presses her mouth and closes her in a room and ties her in the chair. They are Aryan and Kinjal who Aryan takes revenge for her slap on her. Kidnaps Saheli because her friend knows everything about Ridhima’s past.

After that, when Sejal senses, Aryan opens her bandage and asks her to tell us everything about Ridhima’s past and says that if her life is in danger now, please do you know my help too? Aryan knows what danger Sejal does not tell him because he does not trust him. Then we see further that the reader is taking a bath in the bathroom and he is heard by Sejal and Riddhima is shocked how this Sejal can come here and should I help her. And on the other side there Kabir wants to know where Sejal finally went and when he tries to find out from the CCTV camera installed in the house, they find that Senjal has been kidnapped by someone and Kabir says that I In any case, water has to be found.

On the other side there we see that Aryan and Chanchal started building a wall around the Senjal and asking him whether you would tell us the truth of Ridhima or whether we would bury you inside this wall if you told the truth If you will be a child, otherwise you will have to die here, but she does not tell anything. After that Anupriya calls Kabir and says that Afridi Mane Sejal’s voice is heard in the house, that’s why I think he is here. After that somehow Senjal comes to know that she is in VR Mansion and hears Sejal Ridhima’s voice and starts shouting again, her voice reaches to Ridhima only where the episode ends.