Next you will see that Anupriya of Riddhima has deliberately dropped down and is saying that I did not intentionally say sorry Riddhima, after that Ishani says that now the sister-in-law will have to starve, she cannot drink even a body of water and After that we see that the clan brings a sargi for Ridhima and says.

That it can never happen and he also says that I brought it for Ishani but Ishani has got her sargi, so now she gives it to the brain and he tells Anupriya that mother give this sargi to Ridhima Two and she gives it to him.

Then we see that the fast starts and after that, the lineage brings almonds for Riddhima and tells her that eat it quickly no one is watching, Riddhima says that I cannot eat this fast. Has kept it from the true Sharada.

Ishq main marjawan 2 1 November 2020 written update

And then we see that Ishani has again got some chemical in a lamp. And then he gave it when Riddhima burns to recite, he starts coughing and his throat gets sore and nothing is spoken to him then the offspring comes there to help him and he says the whole lesson Why Karva Chauth is celebrated sets the stage for all lessons.

Then we see that Riddhima is in his room and there Angre and Vanshi are talking that Angre is saying that Ragini is having seizures, Vansh says to take her to the doctor quickly and then The stage says that no one should know about this thing, at the same time, Riddima comes there too.

That Riddhima has heard everything but Riddhima has put headphones on and nothing is heard like that. After that we see that Afridi brings a watch to the stage, she says, “Wear this, it will keep you aware of my heartbeat and she will bring one of her watch and say,”

If I wear this watch, I will be able to guess your heartbeat and then I say that it may not be the clock, but you will always be in my heart. Then we see that the moon comes out, all people break their fast Want to do over there

Then we see that the moon comes out and all the people come out and after that all the people fast their respective wives and make them drink water. Then we see that all the people go to their respective rooms and its After Ishani comes to the clan’s room and tries to provoke the clan against Riddhima again, the clan says why you are talking such things, you know.

I do not like such things at all, after that we see that Ishani says that I am not doing the same things, I have proof of this, then the offspring says what is the proof you have, we see that Ishani Riddhima Shows a video of Vansh in which Riddhima is stepping out of MNS’s car in the stage, which makes the stage very angry and says that the mind that was fasting for me today.

And she was talking so big that she was deceived to be true and then the dynasty says that now I will tell her what it is to cheat, now I will play the real game, I thought I would open my whole life in front of her. Will give but no use. She tells online that now I will do the same as she is doing with me, she is not trustworthy.

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