Next you will see that Ridhima goes to Kabir. And tells her that we have to find Ragini quickly and she also says that it seems to me that Kidnapped Ragini is not done. And then she says that the one who kidnaps Ragini is the one in which the offspring’s mother Murdered.

Next we see that Anupriya is there and she holds up Ragini but somehow she drops a pot and Ridhima feels that someone is there, but Kabir says that there is no one maybe There will be a mouse, but she does not listen and sees the mind but there is no one there, Anupriya hides somewhere with Ragini. Watch the film that sometimes tells your Ridhima that you go home quickly or else everyone in the house will ask questions.

Then we see you go home without you and Anupriya comes to Kabir with Ragini and then He talks about Ragini but Ragini tells him that Riddhima will not leave both of you and 3 years ago I was alone and weak but now your love is my blessing and she will keep looking for me. Then we see that Kabir locks him in a room.

And then Ragini tells the man that I am hungry and give me something to eat, then he goes to get food. On the other side there we see that Anupriya also brought that memory card to Aryan by deceit. And Kabir and Anupriya become very happy because now they can prove the dynasty guilty because they have also got a proof.

Then we see that Vansh gets a call from Agra and he says that I have got that CCTV footage and I am coming to you quickly and the mind becomes happy to hear this and his hand is placed on Ridhima’s mangalsutra and His mangalsutra breaks, Riddhima starts crying after seeing this and says that it is a very bad omen but Vansh says that leave the oshgun but I have a good news, and he says that Agra got that CCTV footage. She brings it after listening. There on the other side,

the man brings food for Ragini and opens her hands and feet but by deceit Ragini takes out the mobile from her pocket and when he goes out after giving food, Ragini calls the direct vansh but the descent phone Is not picking up and this is where the episode ends.

Next you will see that Ragini is calling the vansh again and again but he is not picking up the phone. And then we see that Riddhima picks up the phone in the last and Ragini talks to her and says that I am in trouble, Riddhima says that you tell me your location where you are, then Ragini starts naming Kabir But at the same time, Kabira goes there and snatches the mobile from him. Then we see that Riddhima only recites half the name of Kabir and after that the phone is disconnected.

Then we see that Ragini is again in possession of Kabir and Anupriya is calling Kabir and tells him that from today onwards the chapter of Ragini is closed and now no one will know that I have descended The mother was murdered. And Sia listens to all these things, then we see that she tells all things on the phone to the dynasty what our mother’s murder is supposed to be like.