Next you will see that Riddhima has removed the masked mask and she realizes that she is masked Siya. And Riddhima is very surprised to see all this because Riddhima felt that maybe she could not walk but she came out wrong.

And after that we see that Riddhima calls Kabir and tells him that I have come to know the hand behind the napping, then Kabir says tell me who is it, then Riddima tells that behind Ragini’s kidnapping Siya has a hand but Kabir says if she can’t walk either, how can she do it? Riddhima says that she was just pretending and betraying the whole family.

At the same time, Sia comes from outside and she tells me that I am not cheating you, she is also giving it to the whole family, and then she says that I know you have come here to spy on the descendants. So Ridhima says that there is no such thing. And then we see that Ridhima says that I will tell all this to the true dynasty.

You can walk and you are spying. But Siya says that the dynasty had told me to do all this, and they said that keep a good watch on Riddhima and do not let her go out of the house, that’s why I stopped you to go home two or three times. Was and this time I was following you and when I saw you shedding false tears,

I started following you again and I feel as if you have kidnapped Ragini and Siya says again I once felt that you really loved the dynasty when you were praying for her in the temple, but I was wrong. Then we see that Riddhima tells her that this is not the case, I really love my heart now but she says that I do not want to hear a single thing from you and Siya says that you should tell me that you want to get married The motive was not to send Manish bhai to jail and if you came here as a detective,

Ridhima says yes to this and Siya records all this in her phone and then threatens Ridhima that You have 24 hours, in these 24 hours you present Ragini in front of the dynasty or else I will tell all your truth to the dynasty. In this way we see that after that Ridhima says that I am okay in 24 hours. I will stand in front and then we see that Riddhima brings Siya in front of all the family and everyone becomes very happy and they give credit to Riddhi for Siya’s recovery because Siya because of her therapy. Can walk again. Hearing all this makes the heart happy and all the people also thank Riddhima.