The Episode begins with Vansh and Riddhima being in transit. She nods off. He drives and takes a gander at her. He thinks when I see you, I lament that I didn’t get the main rights on your adoration, its difficult for me to endure this. He stops the vehicle. She asks did the sanctuary come. He says lodging, the excursion is long, we will enjoy a reprieve, we will spruce up and afterward go to sanctuary. She says fine.

They go to the sanctuary and climb the steps. She gets injured. He asks what occurred. She says I think its an injury. He asks would you be able to walk. She says indeed, one min. He says we will return if there is a lot of issue. She says no, we won’t return subsequent to coming here, its fine, I can endure this torment. She attempts to walk. He lifts her and takes her. She takes a gander at him. Tujhme rab dikhta hai… ..plays… .

She thinks he is irate, yet he really focuses on me, this consideration and love, its the desire for me. They come higher up to the sanctuary. He drops her down. She expresses gratitude toward him. The pandit says your rasam is finished. Vansh says we just came, we didn’t do any rasam. The man says you lifted her and got her here. Vansh says she had a foot sprain, she was unable to climb the steps, so I got her. The man says that is the rasam, individuals come here to petition God for their friendship for 7 births, spouse lifts wife and gets her here to the sanctuary, your rasam is finished. He favors them. He says there is a story, a wedded couple was resulting in these present circumstances sanctuary, they had disturbance, the spouse bounced down the mountain, Mata rani saved her, today, there is an unceasing story of the couple here. Riddhima gets some information about the mountain. The pandit shows the mountain. She grins. The pandit requests that Vansh fill sindoor in her maang. Vansh goes to go. The sindoor falls. The pandit asks how did you respond, you made the sindoor fall. He requests that Maiyya pardon Vansh. Vansh leaves. Riddhima additionally leaves.

Riddhima goes to Vansh. She sings Tujhe pyaar karte… .. She attempts to persuade him. He remains irate. She kisses his hands. He goes to go. She pursues him and stops. He makes her away. His hand gets injured. He says stop it, I can’t carry on like nothing occurred. She says you dropped the sindoor, I m your significant other, for what reason didn’t you fill sindoor in my maang. He says marriage is an unadulterated connection, you wedded me on Kabir’s truism. He admonishes her and leaves. She reviews pandit’s words. She says Vansh, you needed to know how much would i be able to go for your adoration, I can’t end anybody’s life, yet I can give my life for your affection, I m going to hop down this bluff, similar to you had bounced down the precipice for the good of I, since I love you. He requests that she stop it. She says no Vansh, it began with cheat, however it will end with confidence. He rushes to save her. She bounces down. He bounces and holds her hand. Ishq mein marjawan… .plays… He takes uphold from the tree. She inquires as to for what reason would you like to save me, let me pass on. He says stop the hogwash.

She says what will I do realizing you don’t cherish me, how will I respond on the off chance that you are not with me, simply recollect that I have adored you till my final gasp, leave me. He pulls her up. The tree covering breaks. He tumbles to the disadvantage of the precipice. She gets saved. She yells Vansh, stand by I will save you. She yells for help. She requests that he hold her cloak. He holds the cloak and comes up. She embraces him. Ishq mein marjawan… .plays… She asks did you go distraught to do this, in the event that anything happened to you, how is it possible that I would bear the agony of losing you once more, presently I won’t release you away from me. Dil ye tere bina… .plays… He holds her.

She requests that he pardon her. She says I guarantee, I will never hurt you. He says it will be night, come. She gestures. They leave. She plays the radio. They catch wind of Manali’s terrible climate. She says I figure climate didn’t get terrible for reasons unknown, I think its a sign that we fraternize. They catch wind of the land slide. She says possibly we can’t travel. He says there is one alternative left at this point.

Riddhima searches for Vansh and frenzies. She appeals to God for him. A vehicle speeds towards her. She falls aside and gets injured. She cries.Read more…..