He says everything is great saying doesn’t make it fine, whom would Vansh save among you and Riddhima. She says obviously, he would save me. He says you are excessively sweet. She asks whom would he save. Kabir says you have another sibling, I will not allow anything to happen to you, as I didn’t allow anything to happen to Vansh.

Siya requests that Ishani cut the cake. The rifleman utilizes poison. Vansh makes Ishani wear the headdress and says now my princess looks awesome. Kabir attempts to contact Riddhima. Vansh calls Riddhima. Ishani makes a wish and cuts the cake. The marksman focuses on Vansh.

Everybody moves in the gathering. The sharpshooter goes after Vansh, Riddhima. Vansh pulls Riddhima down. The harmful bolt hits Ishani in her shoulder. Vansh shouts Ishani.Read more……….