Today you will see that both Bihar and Hrithima are in their room and after that we see that this Ridhima falls on top of Vihaan somehow and then he feels as if he is a vanis. But after that Vihaan says that now you will be sitting on me or even if you wake up, Ridhima gets up and says that you should get ready soon.

I am also going to take a shower. I will be ready you are late Then we see that Dhyan is playing with a toy sitting at the bottom and from vihan Ishani sees him and thinks that my vanis brother did not do such activities, then who is this. After that we see that this Ridhima comes out ready and Vihaan also gets ready and looks at her in the fridge and he tells her that if you want to praise me she can do it too but ridhima says that I am not going to do any such thing.

After that we see that Ishaani Aryan and Chanchal are doing all three things and Chanchal and Aryan provoke Ishani against that fake vanish. And Aryan tells him that this is all Riddhima’s trick because that property will first be named that fake Mineste and then get it named.

A token begins to doubt her words a bit and she goes to the stage room to do a search to confirm this and she finds the signatures of the dynasty there and shows that someone has Vanish’s signature practice on paper. Then we see that Ishari thinks that if this is the real vanis brother then why would he write his signature again and again on a page.

After that we see that Ishani gives Manish’s jacket and he gets a money in that jacket and from which he comes to know that it would have been given to him by such Shahid ridhima. On the other side, Kabir mixes some powder in the Kalash of Pooja and when he is doing adulteration, only Riddhima comes there. But he does not know that Kabir is doing some adulteration there and this is where the episode ends. Read FULL….

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