The Episode begins with Vihaan rehearsing the game. Riddhima comes and inquires as to for what reason did you acknowledge the demand, do you know playing b-ball. He says I m effectively in pressure, don’t make me anxious, I never watched this game even on television. She asks are you frantic, you ought to have can’t, Vansh was an expert in this game, hear me out cautiously, when group is made, you will pick me first, I know the game a piece, I will deal with it, OK. He says alright. Kabir says please Riddhima, how much will you handle, you ought to have picked a solid accomplice, presently all that will be out. Vihaan grins.

Everybody comes. Vihaan says heads. Aryan flips the coin and thinks its heads, yet I can’t let you win Vansh. He says its tails, Kabir won the throw, he will choose the group first. Kabir says Riddhima, she is

a decent player. She figures I can’t help Vihaan now. Kabir says you are a decent player as of now, I trust you wouldn’t fret. Vihaan says I wouldn’t fret, Kabir. Riddhima thinks simpleton, in what capacity will he oversee. Vihaan requests that Rudra please his side. Kabir says Aryan. Vihaan says Angre, one part from adversary group will be out after 10 focuses. Kabir says I acknowledge. They shake hands and start the match. Anupriya figures his reality will be out today. Angre says notice each move, Vansh’s fact will be out, one can’t duplicate ability short-term. Ishani gestures. Chanchal says the game has started, both the colleagues are contending admirably.

Kabir takes the ball from Vihaan and passes to Riddhima. Dadi asks Vansh will you lose before family. Vihaan grins. Kabir takes the ball from Riddhima and tosses in the crate. Riddhima figures this numbskull isn’t understanding the assistance. Kabir says please Vansh, acknowledge your destruction. Vihaan says no Kabir, its chose eventually. He scores a point. The game goes on. Vihaan takes a gander at Kabir and signs no. Riddhima reviews Vansh playing b-ball. Vansh’s group gets 10 focuses. Chanchal says Vansh, let me know, whom to eliminate. Vihaan says Aryan can rest. Aryan goes. Rudra likewise goes. Chanchal says Vansh’s group scored 20 focuses now, whom to eliminate. Vihaan says you, out please. Kabir goes. Dadi asks Riddhima not to lose. Riddhima scores focuses. Angre goes. Dadi and everybody applaud. Vihaan holds Riddhima. She reviews Vansh. Ishq mein marjawan… .plays…

She figures for what reason does his conduct coordinate with Vansh, I didn’t show this to him, no, he is a cunning cash disapproved of player, he can’t be my Vansh, his face coordinated Vansh and he came here, its a fortuitous event. She slips and falls in his arms. ?Yeh pyaar hai ya phir… . Ishq mein marjawan… .plays… She considers Vansh and her minutes. Vihaan says consider it my extra, its free only for your pretty face. Chanchal says the two groups have 25 focuses, they have 24 seconds to make their group win. Kabir figures how might anybody make somebody a decent ball major part in less time, can Riddhima do this. He asks in what capacity will I demonstrate that he isn’t Vansh, however his copy. Aryan says quit attempting Kabir, he is Vansh, I have seen him playing b-ball.

Kabir says something would be novel, his style. Aryan says truly, he could play utilizing the two his hands. Kabir drops a red ball on the floor. Vihaan steps on it and tumbles down. Dadi says stop the game, he is harmed. Riddhima says Vansh, how could this occur. She sees Kabir. Angre holds Vihaan. Kabir says only one point is left, he is Vansh, his correct hand is harmed, he can play with left hand. Riddhima figures Vansh could play with left hand additionally, its outlandish Vihaan. Kabir grins. Vihaan looks on. Riddhima says no need, Vansh is harmed. Vihaan says don’t stress Riddhima, its merely one point, I will oversee. Riddhima thinks he is difficult. She says please attempt to comprehend. Vihaan plays with left hand. Riddhima figures Vihaan can play with left hand likewise like Vansh. Vihaan bins the ball. Riddhima looks on. Everybody applauds. Ishani says every one of my questions got cleared. Angre says indeed, you are correct, he is Vansh. Ishani embraces Vihaan and says well done, I m so cheerful. Everybody goes.

Riddhima asks Vihaan to show his hand. She curves a piece and says let me check your shoulder once, cautious. He snickers and says I act well, right. She asks what do you mean, are you playing a game with me, you are harmed right. He signs no. He holds her. She asks since when are you utilizing both the hands, you played b-ball so well, for what reason did you lie that you don’t have a clue about the game, I never said that Vansh utilized the two his hands, that he was an extraordinary b-ball player, how could you do that. He says you think a great deal, darling. She reviews Vansh. He asks did we not do this previously, did this second not come in our life previously. She reviews the occasions. She says you are my… He says truly, its not your deception, I m not Vihaan, I m Vansh, your Vansh.

She cries and says Vansh. He begins giggling. He says you have prepared me to become Vansh, you got tricked effectively, I m a programmer, I can get any data, I got my work done and utilized for my benefit, it implies I m awesome in my work, it is anything but a terrible arrangement in the event that I get triple for my work, am I right. She says a few jokes hurt the heart, don’t do it once more. He says your pulse was excessively quick that I had the option to hear it, this game was a test, Angre stepped through the examination. She says indeed, you passed the game well, nobody will question you aside from Kabir, Kabir won’t lose, he would plan something, we should be prepared. He keeps a finger all the rage. She reviews Vansh. He stops her expression Sshhh… ., something is there, stand by a min. He gets this show on the road red ball. He picked the red ball. He tosses it around. Somebody gets the ball. Riddhima says you were correct, somebody is watching out for us, we need to end this property matter soon, alright. He says I have a thought. She asks what.