Next you will see that Vansh Riddima says that you should always stay with me, never leave me. And then we see that he falls asleep in Ridhima’s dock and says that always take care of me, my mother says that I will go away from you for tonight and will bring Ragini’s address to Kabir.

Then we see that in the rally, the stage is put to sleep there and goes to Kabir. She asks Kabir where is Ragini. I was doing some work and I don’t know about Ragini where she has run away. I tried hard to catch him but still he escaped from here. He was accompanied by another man who was helping him in his escape.

Riddhima says that I don’t know, you just take me to Ragini and let me go. He has run away with injury. Then we see that Ridhima is also completely surprised. Then Kabir says that I am very sorry that Ragini has run away from me like this.

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Next we see that the Redeemer tells Kabir that we misunderstood him but he is not someone who is his mother’s murderer and Ragini knew about him. And to leave the same, she kept Ragini so late, she is surprised to hear all this, then after that we see that Riddima leaves her, then we see that she straightens up and is thinking Ok Manish,

I did not get the promise that I will catch Ragini but I am not going to give up so soon. Next we see that Redeema tells me that I am still holding the man in whom Ragini has been chased and he is following me and that too and that man has said the same thing. That someone is following him there and when he looks out the window, he learns that someone ran away from there but is closing his data.

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After that, Riddhima goes to the store to find any evidence. And there But she gets a glass and other shoes. Riddhima starts to pick up but then says no I will not take it and she thinks of a plane that I put wet soil in this duty so that I can know where Is coming from