Kabir comes there saying extraordinary thought. He says it’s his number one game as well. He says they will make the game all the more intriguing with certain conditions. One side him another side Vansh. They will choose group with flipping the coin. Rddhima thinks they began to have question on Vihaan.

They need to know however ball if he’s Vansh. This is anything but a game however a snare. She asks at the top of the priority list that Vihaan should won’t. Vansh is the expert of ball and reality will come out.

Vihaan looks towards Riddhima. Kabir thinks Vihaan got frightened. Vihaan says he cherishes difficulties. He acknowledges playing which stuns everybody. Vihaan leaves giving the ball to Kabir. Riddhima recollects Kabir’s words. She figures if her battle will end relies upon this game.