Today we will see that the dynasty is taking Riddhima to her room and is in the room and asks her, who did all this, tell me who has done this to you and after that, Riddhima thinks that the bracelet is so beautiful Was with her, that’s why she has done all this and then she thinks she can’t do it all alone. I think Mummy ji is with her too and both of them have tried to kill me but she tells nothing to the offspring and It says that it is all due to my mistake that I was carrying embers and all the embers fell down and due to which my legs have also got burnt and then Mines says why I feel that you are talking to me. If you are hiding, Ridma says no, there is no such thing, it is all due to my negligence.

After that on the other side, Ishani and her mother see that Riddhima’s voice is not coming, if she opens the door, she does not have the mind inside, she has gone out through the window, then she thinks that her luck is very fast. Which it survived today and after that we give that in order to take revenge on the offspring’s mother and Riddhima, she injects into a melon which is Riddhima’s food. That injection contains poison and that watermelon is in the family room They are kept, but there is no one in her room, the stage is taking a bath and Riddhima also goes to retrieve the key from Ishaani’s bracelet and Riddhima’s sister-in-law is placed in the watermelon stage room, after that the stage comes out. And he starts eating that watermelon and then Ridhima comes from outside and then see that the offspring starts eating watermelon and he says if you eat too, she says that I did not know who is colored So Vansh says that maybe Grandma would have sent, after that we see that Manch eats watermelon and after that Ridhima starts eating but she remembers that mother Ji told her that if you be careful then she remembers that warning and when she starts eating watermelon, she sees poison in that watermelon and she comes to know that there is poison in this watermelon but that watermelon lineage ate it Is taken and she stops the offspring again. Don’t eat this watermelon. It contains poison.