Vansh comes out running. He sees the blood drops and Kabir tumbled down. He sees Kabir’s draining arm and grins. He goes to go. Kabir giggles and gets up. FB shows Kabir getting pricked by some pin. He shoots in air accidentally. Riddhima gets frightened and runs.

FB closes. Kabir says sorry Vansh, half brother, sorry to grab your joy, I m sure you would be glad reasoning Kabir is dead, game over, you won, your purported love won, I love it, I needed to see satisfaction disappearing from your face, you are not ongoing to lose, it harms a great deal, you thought your adoration won, it can always lose, Riddhima can never slaughter me, reason, you would be harmed to see me alive, you will be more harmed when you know the explanation, one can’t fail to remember first love,

I m her first love. Vansh blows up. Kabir says love isn’t written in your destiny, I feel sorry for you, you didn’t get mum’s adoration, Ragini’s affection, presently Riddhima additionally cheated, you sent her here to demonstrate her affection, on the off chance that she demonstrated it, at that point you would have my dead body here, you don’t merit any lady’s adoration, your destiny doesn’t have love, you just got cheated by each lady, you will simply get that, you know why, since you are reviled, you will never get your genuine romance. Vansh yells no.

He gets a sharp stick and says I guarantee you Kabir, I will compose the other section of the story, I will show you the result of swindling me, you have seen my adoration, presently you will see my retribution. Read More….