Next you will see that the clan asks the nurse where to tell me where is Ragini, she tells me that whenever I was here, someone put a handkerchief on my mouth and made me unconscious. And after that I do not remember anything, then we see that from there it quickly leaves the house.

Next we see that both Riddhima and Kabir are going in the car with Ragini and both are talking that we have saved Ragini from that dynasty, but sometimes you are thinking that you are thinking wrong You have not been saved from there, you have given Ragini to Havan.

After that we see that Riddhima says that Kabir forgive me I have hurt you too much and now you take care of Ragini, then Kabir says that I will take full care of it, you don’t worry at all and after that Ridhima starts going to her house when she sees that the clan reaches there and heads straight to the room.

Next we see that Ishani brings the duplicate key of that room and starts to open that door but Anupriya says that you have gone mad why you are disturbing Ridhima and both of them are quarreling only when the dynasty are there. He comes and he says that mother give me this key.

And she gives the key. After that we see that the offspring opens the door and sees that there is no riddhima on the bed. Then we see that Dynasty shouts over Riddhima. And says that Ishani tell me where Ridhima went. Next we see Ridhima exiting the bathroom. And Vansh tells her that you were in the bathroom,

then Ridhima says yes. Then we see that the offspring begins to doubt the mind and sees a leaf in her hair and asks where does this address come from in your arms, then she says that I was not sleeping all day I was near the window If she had gone, she might have come from there. After that, Maheshwari takes the mother’s hand and takes her out to the place where the grave is dug.

Next you will see that he comes home to see if Ridhima is in the house or not, and he sees that there is no Riddhima in their room and then he tells Shani that where he is, you say that I don’t know then we We see a slow down coming from outside and the clan stops him there and says, “Come with me and the clan take Ridhima to where she dug the tomb and push Ridhima into the grave” Gives and says that I had opened this news to him who deserved it and now I think its like you. That is why the time has come to bury you in this news and Riddhima gets very nervous after seeing all this.

After that we see that Vansh pushes Ridhima into the news and says when and for what it was made but what it was worth but right now I feel that someone else is worth it. And after that Riddhima Thinks that the tea goddess has come to know that I have kidnapped Ragni and given it to Kabir.

And so the voice does not want to bury me in this tomb. And thinking that Ridhima closes her eyes, let’s save the life of an innocent, this punishment of her is acceptable to me. 3 March says Ridhima open eyes, if you close your eyes then you will not be able to see who is the person who deserves to go in this news.

So we see that he takes Ridhima’s hand and takes her out of the grave Is that the person who stands in front of you is also the rightful owner of this news Sorry mind eats that I do not understand what you are saying. After that, the clan says that I promised my mother that I will definitely find your killer. But today I have missed a big chance that I had to find out who killed my mother.

Then we see that my mother says that your mother was killed, then voice says yes my mother is not sick He was killed, he was killed, he was also killed very brutally. Then the dynasty tells all the truth of that day to Ridhima that I had set a song on Ragini but I had not fired, the bullet was fired by someone else. The dynasty then says that at that time there was someone other than me who shot at Ragini, and despite that Ragani has survived because I kept her from the eyes of everyone and that is what I really wanted to ask her.

Who murdered my mother and that grave was also for her, but today I feel that I am the rightful owner of this news because I could not fulfill my promise to my mother. And I am surprised how I have made such a big mistake, I have made such a huge mistake in understanding the dynasty.

On the other hand, Anupriya and Kabir are celebrating that Ragani is in our hand. And after that we It is seen that Anupriya says that at that time when Ragini was pleading in front of the dynasty and begging for her life, the dynasty did not fire.

At that time, I fired at Ragini because Ragini was about to tell our truth and I shot her then but I do not know how she survived. Then she says that if there is still one alive, then Kabir you take good care of it.