The scene begins with Rddhima disclosing to her arrangement to Vihaan. The last gets stunned. He approaches she is thoroughly taking care of property. How she can sell out dadi. He says he can’t do. Rddhima says he’s under agreement. He needs to do what she’s telling. Vihaan says how disturbing she’s. She’s betroying the person who love you more.

Rddhima believes she’s taking the risk on her. Kabir can go to any degree to get the property. She doesn’t mind regardless of whether Kabir slaughters her, however she won’t let anything happen to her family. Rddhima says to think anything he desires. She is paying him for his work. Vihaan asks what he will receive consequently. Rddhima says she is now paying him significant compensation.

He can uncover reality in the event that he needs, however he won’t get the excess cash. She requests to consider Golden eggs story. She sets down. Vihaan takes a gander at her. Rddhima considers Vansh. She thinks their faces coordinates however there’s parcel of contrasts among Vansh and Vihaan. Vihaan figures he will compose the peak of brilliant eggs.

Vihaan says it will takes a long time for the work to finish. He says his compensation need to increment 10% consistently. He requests an addition to which she says she is as of now paying him high. He won’t get any addition even he goes about as Vansh for an entire year. She says not to extort her. Vihaan requests that her think. Rddhima requests that he do whatever he can. He’s not going get anything doing this.

Ishaani brings a chocolate cakes and asks Vihaan to have a nibble. Vihaan stops her. He talks inconsiderately with her which stuns Ishaani. Rddhima apologizes to Ishaani in the interest of Vansh. He should be focused because of office work. He implied whatever he said. Ishaani furiously asks did I asked you. She leaves from that point.

Rddhima asks why Vihaan responded that way. She goes to converse with him. Kabir and Haryan emerge from their covering up. He smiles saying that I told legal advisors words will stun them. Haryan says he doesn’t comprehend why Vansh bhai got abruptly furious. Kabir says since he’s not your Vansh bhai. He adds Vansh needs to hang tight for quite a long time and before he will uncover him. They need to demonstrate he’s not a fraud the remaning things will happen itself.

Vihaan is playing piano. Rddhima stops Vihaan saying this is Vansh’s piano. She inquires as to whether he thinks everything is a joke, her family is in danger. Vansh cherished his family and he never yelled at anybody with no solid explanation. Why he act impolitely with Ishaani who has brought cake for him. On the off chance that he would not like to it. He can essentially reject it. What’s the should be inconsiderate with her. Ishaani loves Vansh. She more likely than not began questioning him.

Ishaani says cryingly to Angre that possibly he was correct. Vansh never reprimanded her for her any errors. Today with no explanation he carried on discourteously with her. He can’t be her Vansh bhai. Angre offers hanky which Ishaani takes. Angre says he will nobody assume his supervisor position. He has an arrangement to demonstrate if he’s Vansh. Ishaani says she won’t leave him if it’s demonstrated he isn’t Vansh. He will rebuff him for playing with their sentiments and for attempting to have Vansh’s spot.

Vihaan irately says to Rddhima he got demotivated. she is requesting to double-cross Dadi, the main individual with whom he got joined. This isn’t adequate. He adds that there are not many conditions in his agreement that are not acknowledged. They will initially choose about it at that point will about the leftover. He keeps playing the piano. Rddhima says he doesn’t how she masterminded 48 lakhs and she can’t give him more. Vihaan says she’s fouling up. He says in the event that she disagrees with his conditions he will close down from this arrangement. Rddhima says fine. Vihaan says he needs triple of his compensation. Ishaani and Angre comes there. Ishaani asks what triple.

Vihaan lies he hurt her so he was advising to Rddhima that he will heat triple layer chocolate cake for Ishaani. He is sorry to Ishaani. Ishaani says she gets it. She says she has a plan to diminish his pressure. Angre shows the b-ball. He says he’s lord in this game. At whatever point he focused on, he plays this game. Rddhima is stunned. She figures she didn’t ask Vihaan in the event that he knows to play b-ball. She stresses imagine a scenario in which he doesn’t have the foggiest idea. She needs to deal with the circumstance.

Kabir comes there saying extraordinary thought. He says it’s his number one game as well. He says they will make the game all the more intriguing with certain conditions. One side him another side Vansh. They will choose group with flipping the coin. Rddhima thinks they began to have question on Vihaan.

They need to know however ball if he’s Vansh. This is anything but a game however a snare. She asks at the top of the priority list that Vihaan should won’t. Vansh is the expert of ball and reality will come out. Vihaan looks towards Riddhima. Kabir thinks Vihaan got frightened. Vihaan says he cherishes difficulties. He acknowledges to play which stuns everybody. Vihaan leaves giving the ball to Kabir. Riddhima recollects Kabir’s words. She figures if her battle will end relies upon this game. Read Full….