Next we will see that a lot of twist has been created in the episode and as you are seeing that Riddhima gets behind that who was that boy in that video then she starts finding that I know about that boy It has to be fixed whatever happens and after that she chases Anupriya and stares at her and then after that we see that when Ridhima is following them she goes to her room and after that Anupriya Pulls out photos from a locker and there are some signs of Kabir, Riddhima is seen standing outside and the key of that locker is in the Paya bracelet in Anupriya’s hand and after that there comes the descendant’s sister and she tells Ridhima Listens to them while listening.


And we further see that Riddhima has now reached Kabir and is telling him why you did all this, why did you cheat me, you were just using me so that you can take revenge from me and despite the offspring you have me It said that it is her fault she has murdered and she is a criminal but there is nothing like that. You have only used me to make sense of you but I cannot send any more and I am now with my husband Manch Will give up her life and after that, she starts going from there saying Kabir tries to stop her and scares her with a knife but Ridhima hits a pot on her head and gets hurt on her head. But all this Kabir is dreaming, in fact, Riddhima would not have found anything and she is searching in her house to find out who was the boy who was in that video and then after that Vansh to sign some paper He brings that which belongs to his office and his uncle says that it is necessary to sign a human being, so Ridhima saw who that special person is. So he learns that she is Anupriya who is the mother of the clan and without her signature there is no work of the clan’s office, Riddhima thinks that I have to find some solid evidence because he trusts his mother with his eyes closed.

And then we see Ishani play a trick to get revenge from Riddhima in which she burns some people in a room, and then puts her bracelet outside the room and throws fevicol on her. After Riddhima comes there and she starts to lift the bracelet because that bracelet had the key of that vault and when she starts lifting the bracelet, her feet stick to the bottom as the fevicol is below and when Riddhima takes off her sandal When she starts walking, the light pushes her inside the room where the coals are burning and she puts people in from outside and then her mother also comes and she also helps her in closing the room and then Riddhima is about to faint inside and then takes care of the stage and she is damaging as if the flesh is with her and she walks on the cuckoo with the help of the imagery and exits the room through the window and After that when she comes into the house, the offspring sees her and runs towards her because she saw that Riddhima could not even walk properly. And then Riddhima sees the clan and rides his bike and gives him a loud hug.

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