They leave. Vansh says Angre, you are with Riddhima, why. Angre says chief, I advised her, look she isn’t uttering a word, I have work. He goes. Riddhima says as much Mr. Vansh, you have acknowledged your mix-up. Vansh asks what, when, I didn’t say sorry. She says I have a proof. She plays the account. He says I didn’t say sorry, what junk, its old chronicle. Riddhima says Siya has sent this to me quite recently, date is today’s, fine you didn’t acknowledge my slip-up, I ought to go. He stops her and says don’t discuss leaving.

She says I was simply kidding. He says you can’t leave me and go, you are mine. She inquires as to for what reason did you quit fooling around, I was kidding. He says I have a gathering with genuine Roy, be in our room, we will meet following an hour and talk. She says sorry. He goes. She says for what reason did he get stressed.

Angre asks did you notice date. She says indeed, he got genuine hearing the date, what’s so devil. He says nothing, leave him on his state. She asks did I say anything incorrectly. He says no, he is fine, I can’t advise you, apologies. She says Vansh requested that I stay in the room. He says go, don’t discuss the date. He goes. She thinks. She sees Vyom drinking. He sings a birthday tune for Pihu. She says Vyom… .

Vansh gets a smudged material and barely any things. Riddhima gets a note. She goes to check. Vansh says I realize you need to get free, yet I m sorry, I can’t free you. Vyom says Vansh has confined somebody here. Vansh says the world isn’t prepared to invite you.