As soon as the episode starts, Ridhima gets a watch which is of sejal. And Ridhima comes to know that Senjal is in this house and is in a lot of trouble. Then we see that Ridhima starts looking for Sejal and after that she goes to Anupriya ji and tells him to tell me the truth that you have kidnapped Sejal. Then Anupriya says that you have gone mad, why should I kidnap her, I don’t even know her. And then Riddhima says that all this is done by you and how I will still be looking for the Angel.

Then Riddhima leaves from there and starts looking for Senjal again. I remember my previous things and think how Anupriya ji had cheated me like that last time too and called someone to help him and he She thinks that even if she did not do this time, she thinks who has come to the house, then she comes to know that Badrinath has come to the house and she feels that Anupriya has called her for her help.

There on the other side, Badri Nath who is Kabir, picks up Senjal from Aryan’s room and shifts to another room and threatens that if you find anything to be told to anyone, I will kill you And I will kill that friend Ridhima too. And after that Riddhima comes there with a gun and a stick and attacks Badrinath with that pole and Badrinath falls down. Then Riddhima puts that gun on Badrinath’s head and says that tell me that Anupriya ji has called you to help you.

Ishq Main Marjawan 2 14 October 2020 Written Updates

Head Kabir gets nervous and he thinks how it came to know about our dress and completely changes it and says that I am Kabir and puts mask in his mouth, Riddhima is shocked and She asks him what you have come here to do, so he tells that I have come here to help you. Then Riddhima asks Kabir why do you come like this every time and if you have come to help me then you have told me why don’t you believe me now that you follow me on one side So you say that you should find evidence against the dynasty and on the other hand you come here yourself.

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Then Riddhima leaves all this and goes away from there. Badrinath is heard by Senjal and Sejal gets a shock and she faints. Kabir tries to wake her up but she does not get up and he thinks that she has fainted due to the shock, so it has to be taken from here, so he opens her hands to lift her but Sejal is pretending and She pushes Kabir and escapes from there. Sejal sees the run-up from below and the fire is happening below and she starts setting fire to Ridhima but at the same time Anupriya sees her and Siya stands near the stairs and she pushes Siya from above.

Siya falls down from the stairs and everyone noticed that more happens and Kabir, who has come there on the other side as Badrinath, kidnaps Sejal and takes him out of the house. At the same time, the dynasty also comes there. And he scolds all the people that in my absence you are not taking care of Siya. Then Vanshika meditates on Badrinath and he starts staring at Badrinath and asks him who else are you doing here and this is where the episode ends.