The scene begins with Dadi asking Vihaan to fill Riddhima’s forhead with vermilion. Riddhima asks Vansh to pardon her, she needs to cross her cutoff points to spare her family. She asks to consistently be her solidarity. Vihaan fills her brow and ties the mangalsutra in Riddhima’s neck. Dadi expresses gratitude toward Bappa.

Riddhima and Vihaan take Dadi’s gifts. She embrace them. She says they ought to never leave each other side as they complete one another. She says to Rddhima to consistently wear her mangalsutra and keep her brow load up with vermilion. The family’s joy relies upon their satisfaction. Ishaani indignantly leaves followed by Angre. Vihaan advances his hand and Riddhima holds it. They leave. She advises to Kabir she can wear sindhoor on Kabir’s name on the grounds that lone Vansh has that right. Kabir says he will before long uncover the sham.

Kabir goes to Vihaan spot to get some paste. Where that elderly person vanished and what his identity was. He kicks the dustbin in dissatisfaction. He discovers a few letters and put it arrangement. He discovers Vansh name. He contemplates whether the sham was truly Vansh. At that point he finds the letter I. He grins saying Riddhima you played well yet he will uncover her.

Riddhima is taking a gander at her appearance in the mirror recalling Vihaan filling her temple. She at that point recalls Dadi’s words. She thinks whatever happened is a piece of agreement. She can never give Vansh’s place to anybody. She says she has a place with Vansh. Abruptly Riddhima hears Vihaan saying she’s just mine. She turns saying Vansh. She discovers Vihaan demonstrating his back. He turns winking at her. Riddhima wipes her tears. She requests that he take off Vansh’s garments Vihaan says he’s acting like so he needs to wear his garments.

Riddhima makes him eliminate Vansh coat. She says she will bring new garments for him tomorrow. After that he will never contact Vansh things. Whatever he needs he will bring for him. She at that point adds he’s not Vansh just he’s a simply a look like of Vansh. He has no characteristics of her Vansh. She says she disclose to him everything about Vansh however he isn’t even competent to get it. She attempts to eliminate Vansh’s watch from his hand, yet Vihaan stops her.

Vihaan says he feels like she doesn’t adore Vansh as much as she’s appearing. Riddhima asks what he implies. Vihaan says she brought a faker after her better half demise and bamboozling her entire family. He says she’s an excellent player. He inquires as to whether she didn’t play game with her genuine spouse Riddhima lift her hand to slap Vihaan yet he holds her hand. He keeps her from down and requests to converse with him with adoration. He plays with her. Riddhima discharge herself from Vihaan and cautions not to do like this once more. Vihaan says he got equivalent player. He leaves. Riddhima says she will before long get to what in particular’s running in Vihaan’s psyche. She says she needs to hold up under him for the good of her family.

Rddhima chances upon Kabir who holds her hand. She discharge her hand asking what he’s doing. Kabir says he never imagined that she can play huge. He requests that her see down. She discovers Vihaan composed with bangles. She gets stunned. She considers how he became acquainted with about Vihaan. Kabir asks the sham’s name is Vihaan.

Riddhima says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea about any Vihaan. Kabir requests that her stop. He says Vihaan, Vansh even their names are comparative like their appearances. He requests that her come clean. Riddhima says to think anything he desires however she couldn’t care less. Kabir tells in 15 mins he will get verification and reality will come out. Riddhima thinks if advising to Vihaan.

Vihaan is sitting with Dadi. Riddhima comes there. He says one can beat passing if his family love and gifts are with him. Kabir likewise comes there. He says Vansh got spared subsequent to tumbling from a high spot. He asks what happened that day. Vihaan says he was pursuing the thugs who assaulted their home in vehicle.

Abruptly he lost control of his vehicle, when there was another vehicle coming before his. The vehicle was going to fall into the void. He leaped out of the vehicle previously. He stalled out in the middle of tree limbs. Individuals from close by towns saw him and spared him. He got spared as he got slight wounds. Dadi says God’s favoring spared him.

Kabir says at times genuine episodes are more intrigued than a fiction story. He at that point checks the time. Otherside Kabir’s aide gets a mail where he gets data about Vihaan’s area and his photograph. He send the equivalent to Kabir. The last gets the message. Riddhima contemplates whether Kabir got the evidence. She stresses all that will be overed. Kabir begins download the pic and shows it to dadi then Vihaan. The last asks what his identity is. Kabir takes a gander at the telephone and gets stunned while Vihaan grins.

Riddhima thinks fortunately Vihaan eliminated all subtleties from web. She reviews she’s asking Vihaan to crush all that will demonstrate he is Vihaan. Riddhima stops Kabir. She says accepts keeps the relationship joining so he recounted the story that his mother advised to the family. He bears his quality for the wellbeing of his family else he will never leave him for what he did with him. She requests to eliminate the questions from his brain as he’s Vansh. On the off chance that he gets to about his and Anupriya’s fact, he won’t leave the two of them.

The exact day night, Riddhima gets stunned Vihaan sitting on her bed. She says he can’t rest in her bed. Vihaan says he will rest here. Riddhima says she will rest in the couch. He hauls her holding her hand. She falls on his lap. She at that point gets up. She asks what’s his concern. Vihaan says he’s delicate and can’t see her dollar biwin in torment. He says he won’t give her rest access the couch and he won’t get rest in the couch. He adds the bed is enormous. Riddhima says fine. She says she has a thought so both can rest in the bed. She places a screen in the bed. She says he doesn’t have the authorization to cross this dupatta.

Vihaan says he won’t so side regardless of whether she needs. Riddhima plans to rests. Vihaan requests that what’s her aim bring him as Vansh. He requests to do soon anything she desires as Kabir won’t sit calm. Riddhima says all properties is on Dadi’s name. First all properties should be again Vansh’s name then Vansh implies he will compose all the properties on her name.