Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 30th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Vansh dealing with Riddhima and praising her. He gets a call and goes. She says Vansh didn’t call me at the pool side, I had seen Aryan there, it implies he did this. She is sorry to the child. She thinks to check Aryan’s room. She thanks the room administration staff. She says my telephone is left here, Aryan isn’t in his room. She gets his telephone and checks. She says Aryan is in his room. She hurries to cover up. He comes from the washroom. His telephone rings. She checks Ishani’s telephone. He searches for the telephone. She tosses the telephone. Ishani comes and says I was calling you. He says I swear, I was discovering my telephone. She asks whose telephone is it. He says it wasn’t here. She requests that he join her for drinks. He asks how could this occur. He leaves. Riddhima additionally leaves. Vansh thinks I got Sara’s data after first portion, lets see what I find after second portion. Angre asks are you thinking to give her medications, I would prefer not to give her beverages, yet I need to discover, what alternate way I have, I can’t bear to lose her, she is my better half, lets complete this, its devil to track down the 6 hours mysterious. He says you came to say something. Angre says Johnson revealed to personal time and address, however he was anxious, he said his little girl’s marriage is close. Vansh says congratulations, yet perhaps he didn’t advise us previously, don’t stress, get a pleasant present for his girl, proceed to meet him. Angre goes.

Riddhima welcomes Aryan. He asks how are you, I m doing fine, bye. She says I had done a lot swimming yesterday, I came to say sorry, I m sorry to get some information about your own stuff. He says truly, I pardon you. She says you owe me a conciliatory sentiment for driving me into the pool. He asks what gibberish. She pushes him in the pool. He blows up. She says I realize you had pushed me. He says you lost your brain. He goes. She says Vansh won’t leave Aryan, I ought to get more proof against Aryan. Dadi asks Vansh not to stress, for what reason does Anupriya stress for her. Vansh says I realize you are concerned for discovery, its something valuable. She says I have no strain, don’t stress. He says I love you, after mother and father left, you gave me their affection, you got me taught and made me fit, don’t stress. She reviews Vyom’s words. She gets a call and says its spam calls. He says I will obstruct it. She says I will do it without anyone’s help, you center around your arrangement. He says goodness indeed, its tomorrow. Angre plays table tennis with Johnson. He asks are you certain. Johnson says my BP is high. Angre says its your girl’s marriage, congratulations. Johnson says offer this to Vansh, Vansh should realize that I m faithful, I won’t ever cheat even in the afterlife. Angre asks what are you saying. Johnson says bid farewell to Vansh. Johnson takes a weapon out and says sorry. Angre says you said about devotion, will you do this. Johnson says no, its not for you, but rather for myself. Angre says mention to me what are you thinking, converse with me, I will help you, shouldn’t something be said about your girl, think, hear me out. Johnson shoots himself. Angre gets stunned. Riddhima asks Vansh where were you. Vansh asks what occurred. She says actually like that. She embraces him.


She says I needed to be with you, I can never move away, guarantee me, you will not disappear. He asks what occurred, I m not going anyplace. Angre says no, for what reason did you do this Johnson. He calls Vansh. Riddhima says we need to see significantly together, our infant is coming. Vansh asks is anybody going to grab me from you, for what reason are you so stressed. She says no. He answers Angre’s call. Angre says I don’t have a clue for what reason did he do this, Johnson committed suicide. Vansh asks who constrained him to commit suicide. Vyom comes and welcomes them. Vansh says Angre, I will get back to you. Vyom asks did you fail to remember me, I m so eager to see you all here in Goa, what are you doing here, its amusing to appreciate an occasion on a public property. Vansh says its VR residency, outcasts aren’t permitted here, you harmed me. Vyom says I got cure for you. They contend. Vyom says I will take the black box from you regardless of whether I need to consume your family. Vansh compromises him. Vyom gets some information about Siya, did she not return. Vansh gets his neck and asks where is Siya. Vyom says I swear, I don’t have the foggiest idea. Aryan asks will you slaughter him. Riddhima looks on. Vyom says you can execute me, please, murder me, it will be an uplifting news, Vansh slaughtered his closest companion. He requests that Dadi favor him. Vansh asks him to simply leave. He saves something for Aryan. Aryan picks it. Riddhima looks on. Aryan leaves. She thinks Aryan is with Vyom. Read More………..


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