Today we will see that Riddhima is making sweet rice for the offspring in the kitchen and then thinks why I am doing all this for her, then she thinks what MNS has done for me, then she says let’s She has done this for me only to repay her debt. And then she starts cooking there, Ishani abuses with Agra on the other side and starts drinking, Angre stops her and snatches the bottle from her hand, she slaps Angre bottle in her room. And then Devraj Singh Rathore aka Kabir writes a letter saying, “I am waiting behind your house, your Kabir and that letter, he puts it near the bottle and after that Ridhima will be taking food.” So she stops there and considers the water in that bottle and drinks it but she is an alcoholic and Riddhima gets intoxicated, then she starts reading the letter, then she is not read the letter and then the descent comes there and She gets drunk and then acts with the clan and asks him to feed her.

I did the water on the offspring. Sometimes I see the moon, behaves like children, then the voice of Ishani comes from the room and the descendant goes there, he sees Ishani’s hands tied in Angre and feeding her. But I am not eating food, but Ishani says with heart that it was misbehaving with me and was forcing me to sit on my hand and Vansh says that you are lying, he can never do that to me. There is a shadow, after that I go from there and on the other side, becoming Kabir, Devraj Singh Rathore makes a voice to Ridhima.