Next you will see that Dadi is saying that Manish and Riddhima have a lot of love. Because man has brought bangles to measure Ridhima. Then we see that the ritual of applying mehndi starts, then Ishani mixes some chemical in Ridhima’s mehndi, due to which Riddhima’s hand can be spoiled.

And after that the ritual of applying mehndi is started and all the people apply mehndi Riddhima also starts applying mehndi in her hand, then we see that the playful also picks up her mehndi and Riddhima she mehendi with chemical Then we see that the Redeemer goes to her room by applying mehndi and then she starts to tease me very much.

And then we see that Riddhima is looking at her hands and eats meat as to why you are doing so, she says that I am reacting too much. So the dynasty says take it off but say so It is said that I will not pick up the dynasty says that if you wash it now, then it goes to the bathroom on Eid to wash the mehndi, it takes a lot of time to wash the mehndi, then Manish calls him what has happened so long,

So Riddhima comes out and shows her hand, her hands are very injured, then the clan asks who has brought this mehndi, tell me there is definitely something mixed in the mehndi, that’s why your hands were like this. Then Riddhima says that No, this is not the case, it is probably my skin problem.

That is why, after all this, she is getting angry that I am not worried about my hand, I am worried that the color of mehndi has not increased in my hand. Then the dynasty says that I am so If I solve it, he applies medicine on Riddhima’s hand and then henna on his hand.

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After that Riddhima becomes happy and writes the name of the dynasty on her hand. Next we see that all the people gather and grandma sees the mehndi of everyone, then the mind also sees the mehndi but everyone says that If there is no color on Riddhima’s hand, then the dynasty says that I have applied this mehndi, what could be the greater proof of our love.

And then we see that the ritual of giving clothes is performed and Riddhima gives clothes to Ishani and there on the other side the mother of the dynasty Anupriya brings clothes for Riddhima and deliberately knocks her down and in case this happens she is a bad omen Goes and then Grandma remembers that Pandit when he said that Riddhima and the lineage of the clan does not match at all and starts knocking them.