Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 30 January 2021 Written Update

Ishq mein marjawan 2

The scene begins with Kabir checking video film. He joined a camera in Vansh’s coat. He can’t sort out Vansh’s arrangement from the recording. Aryan says he feels Vansh will admit. Kabir says that is impractical. In the event that he planned to do that, at that point there would not be bless his face. He needs to remain in front of Vansh, so whatever Vansh does, he (Kabir) can reply back.

The gathering begins. Riddhima and Vansh are invited. They plunk down. Ishani and Angre commit an exhibition to Vansh and Riddhima. They dance on Jahan Teri Nazar tune. After them, Aryan moves next on Sara Zamana tune. Tu Cheez Badi Mast melody plays, Aryan welcomes Dadi in front of an audience and the two of them dance. Siya comes up straightaway. She performs on Yun Hi Safar Kat Jayega. Entire family joins her. Riddhima takes a gander at


Vansh and figures it doesn’t seem as though Vansh fears anything. She desires to clear her uncertainty soon too.


Vansh holds up. Lights go off unexpectedly. Kabir says stand by a moment, Vansh, my extraordinary exhibition for you and Riddhima. Lights return on. Kabir moves on Khalnayak melody. He pulls Vansh on the stage and moves around him. He says in his psyche, as long as I am there, it won’t be simple for you. He does not understand that he put a mystery camera in Vansh’s coat. Abruptly Vansh vanishes. Riddhima ponders where he went. Vansh is on telephone with somebody, saying, everything is ordinary here. I will reveal to you everything up on gathering. Kabir comes to check video film so he can discover where Vansh is. In any case, it’s coming clear. He blows up. He at that point quiets himself down and says he won’t surrender. He leaves. In hall, he sees Vansh’s coat that had a mystery camera. In flashback, Vansh came to think about camera and he removed his coat. Kabir is resolved to win regardless.

The host declares it’s the ideal opportunity for Vansh and Riddhima’s exhibition. Kabir says Vansh is ground floor? He races to go down. Riddhima figures what she will do if Vansh is blameworthy? She trusts she demonstrates out to not be right. Vansh grasps her hand and their dance begins. They dance on Hum Ko Tum Se Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar Kya Kare. Everybody applauds after their presentation. The host planned to end the evening. Vansh says this night isn’t finished. He takes the mic from the host. He says, this night can’t be finished unexpectedly early. It needs firecrackers. Greatest execution is yet to come. He takes out a yellow envelope and asks everybody what tone is this. At that point he puts lights on it and says it’s orange at this point. He says tone relies upon light. Much the same as that, there are occurrences in our lives. Various individuals, diverse light, unique view. Yet, truth must be one. Furthermore, today he will uncover the reality of his life. He takes out a white paper and says much the same as white paper, it’s a plain truth. This fact can acquire a tempest somebody’s life. He trusts individual with whom this reality is associated, gets him. In 1996, he got into an auto collision, an exceptionally risky one. In that mishap, 2 guiltless individuals were dead. He was 15 years of age. It was a wrongdoing in law’s eyes. Riddhima puzzles over whether he will admit that he’s killer of her folks. He says those individuals were not Riddhima’s folks.


Kabir says, what? Vansh says, indeed, Kabir, they were not Riddhima’s folks, however were your folks. Everybody is stunned. Vansh proceeds with that he didn’t know Anurpiya was as yet in contact with his dad after her marriage. That day his dad came to meet Anupriya as it were. He didn’t know around then that it was his dad. He discovered all that later on. Kabir’s dad and Bua (auntie) were in the vehicle. Both kicked the bucket on the spot.

He says it occurred unintentionally and he previously had discipline for that. All things considered, he will feel better if Kabir pardons him. Kabir gets enraged. He strolls indignantly to Vansh and punches him hard. Vansh falls on the floor. He requests that everybody stay back. Kabir says I won’t extra you, you slaughtered my dad. Vansh currently protects himself. The two of them begin battling. The two of them take out weapons and point at one another. Riddhima gets stressed. Kabir shoot a projectile. Everybody is stunned.


Kabir discharged the slug yet Vansh moves away. Riddhima runs and embraces Vansh. Riddhima asks Kaibr how could he. Vansh says he comprehends Kabir’s agony and outrage. In any case, Kabir needs to comprehend, it was a mishap, he didn’t slaughter them deliberately. He previously had discipline for that. Kabir thinks he got another explanation now. He will choose what his discipline will be. Kabir leaves from that point.

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